Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is It Just Me - Or Is The Drudge Report Losing Its Edge?

Matt Drudge is a pioneer for making the Internet the place to get accurate information and insightful commentary on the news of the day. However, recently, it seems like Drudge is seldom on the front line of any story nor does he provide the kind of "what the big media won't tell you" kind of coverage that made his site indispensible.

Today, Drudge provides headlines that are readily available elsewhere with a huge list of columnists. Not all the links are maintained.

So dear reader, why not make Right Minded Fellow your first stop for what's going on in the world today? We provide you with headlines from major news sources. The variety of sources selected should capture the major national headlines while being faithful to our Chesapeake region theme including Baltimore area news as well. (Once we master the Baltimore scene, we'll try to get DC and more of the region in our window). We've selected links to some darned good conservative columnists each of whom has unique perspectives on the big issues of our time. You'll also find a long list of links on current topics and items of interest our audience should find interesting.

"Right Minded Fellow" is a distinctly regional enterprise. Published just outside of Baltimore, we seek to be an alternative voice to what's going on in the Chesapeake region. Basically, if you can wee-wee in the stream and it flows into our beautiful bay, there might be something going on in your backyard that interests us. However, if you're looking for who won the Binghanpton, New York beauty contest, ah....wrong place, sorry. Over time, there will be stories about the majesty of the Chesapeake Bay and its huge watershed which includes the wide reach of the Susquehanna and Potomac river watersheds.

Like old Wilford Brimley would say, "We'll help you live a better life." So in that regard, inflate your tires, okay?

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