Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lower the Drinking Age to 18

Lower the drinking age to 18 for God's sake. At eightteen years old, a person is subject to the full force of the law and can take a bullet defending his or her country. Kids can find alcohol like flies can find you know what. Wouldn't kids be better drinking on campus at college socials than having to be sneaky about it?
Adults can't keep their kids children forever. If it's not right for 18 year olds to enjoy a little Bud or Colorado Kool-Aid, then raise the age for everything to 18 and see what happens.
The European model makes sense. (Wow, something the Europeans are smarter about than we are.) Why not just get rid of drinking ages and let the family decide when junior's ready for a Bud? The drinking age was raised to 21 in 1982 but since then has teen aged drinking gone down? Hardly, if nothing else, binge drinking and other insane behaviors are on the rise. Why tie up campus security and the local police for busting kids and messing with liquor stores and taverns for the sake of people who are full citizens in every other respect. It's un-American to have some be second class citizens.
Hey kiddo, this Bud's for you!!!

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