Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday Night Survival Guide: A Few Alternatives to the Onslaught of Obama-Nation

Thursday, August 28, 2008: What to Watch On This Historic Evening

Don’t be foolish. There is NO reason to watch the Obama Festival at Invesco Field, NONE! You can read all you want about it on the Internet. Rest assured their will be plenty of highlights of it all over the news media for the next several days. Even morbid curiosity is no excuse for watching this idiot let his out of control ego run wild.

Let there be no question, this writer questions Obama’s patriotism, love of country, honesty, experience, and character. How can he claim to love America when all he does is talk about how badly America needs RADICAL change? Narcissism seems to be the prerequisite for big shot Democrats these days: the Clintons, Johnny Reid Edwards, and now Obama. If it weren’t for how much our culture has been brainwashed into seeing him as some virtuous, historical figure, we could just laugh him off the stage. How could such a small, petty, empty soul with zero accomplishments even think of running for President? Still, NBC, ABC (even through ESPN), CBS, and CNN have decided this is who our next President must be. Can you imagine how much figures like Andrea Mitchell, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann will be awestruck as if this were the greatest moment in American History since Thomas Jefferson submitted the Declaration of Independence?

What’s up with HBO, Showtime, Starz, and CineMax? Are they purposely airing crappy movies so folks might watch the convention? Or is it the movie industry offers such crappy movies to chose from?

So here’s your TV Guide, if you must watch TV. Why not take your significant one to a nice restaurant? Get a jump on the weekend, grill up a nice steak and enjoy with a nice bottle of wine? Heck, even work on cleaning up the basement, junk room, and garage for God’s sake.

MASN Dodgers @ Nationals
ESPN College Football North Carolina State @ South Carolina
ESPN 2 College Football Oregon State @ Stanford
MASN2, WBAL-TV Falcons @ Ravens
WGN Phillies @ Cubs
NFL Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders – Making the Squad
FX Terminator 3:Return of the Machines
USA US Open (Tennis) – Early Round Play

Watching paint dry, grass grow, or a lava lamp would be preferable to the DNC. Seriously!!!

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