Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia Is STILL On My Mind

First, congratulations to the Georgia Women's Beach Volley Ball team for defeating the Russians. Moral victories are precious too.

John McCain has come out forcefully clearly discussing the gravity of the situation and distancing him to make sure the world knows, he is no rubber stamp for the Bush administration. President Bush set himself up for eternal ridicule when stating, "I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy." McCain indicated he looked in Putin's eyes saw "KGB." John McCain spoke of Soviet agression and criticized them for their brutal invasion of a democratically elected government. On some issues, our leaders can leave no nuance, no ambiguity. Overthrowing democracies is one such issue. On top of that, the Georgians are truly good guys in our world being a valuable and loyal ally in our Iraq conflict. They also have a vital oil pipeline leading from Azerbaijan to the Black Sea, a valuable strategic resource for Western Europe's oil supply.

History has shown when the western allies or United States wavers or is perceived as weak, totalitarian regimes and terrorists are quick to test our resolve -- be it Neville Chamberlain for the United Kingdom knuckling under to Hitler in 1938 or Jimmy Carter's passive approach in the late 1970's, western weakness brings other worldly aggression. From Hitler's treachory first taking baby steps then stomping across Europe to where virtually the entire European continent was under NAZI oppression or the Soviet Union invading Afganistan and Islamic radicals deposing the government of US ally, the Shah of Iran and then taking our embassy workers hostage, tyrannts and terrorists jump into action when the West plays soft. Neville Chamberlain boasted they had achieved "peace in our time." Jimmy Carter spoke of America having not always acting honorable while promoting a soft naive crusade for human rights.

Putin is watching conditions in the west carefully as the big prize surely must be looking for the right timing to take a bigger prize, the Ukraine.

How does Barack Obama recently returning to the USA after speaking of numerous American misdeeds even suggesting our country condones or practices torture respond to Georgia? Obama and his spokespeople first accused John McCain of "shooting from the hip" as if there's something wrong with that. Further, he called for restraint on both sides creating a sense of shared responsibility for the current conflict. On the surface, Obama seemed forceful in speaking out on the situation; however, on closer examination we realize his grievance was that conflict itself existed not that Putin's Russia was engaged in agression.

This is no time for a pussy-hearted self-infatuated far leftist with a closet full of radical preachers and American hating radicals who automatically insist America is not only wrong on specific issues of foreign policy of the day but virtually everything that's wrong with the world today is a result of American economic, military, or political power.

Where was Russia when Burma was drowning. We know where we were.

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