Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Just Saved The Planet!!!

"I'm trying to save the planet; I'm trying to save the planet."

- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on why she opposes allowing legislation to come up for a vote to permit more domestic oil production.

As if Nancy Pelosi's idiotic warblings are not ridiculous enough when this millionaire plutocrat is unaffected by the $4.00 plus gas prices her subjects must pay, her Senate cohort, Charles Schumer believes he has the authority to implore the Saudis to increase production by 10 million barrels a day. Let's see, the Saudis don't exactly love Americans particularly ones of Mr. Schumer's ethnicity. They do love our money. They love anybody's money who will pay top dollar for their oil. It's a whore's game with pleasure auctioned to the highest bidder. Depending on Saudi oil, well stand in line with all the other nations of the world and have lots of money. Further, though far from the worst oil producing states, the Saudi government has lots of political issues that could affect their oil supply.

Oil flows from Nigeria, one of the most corrupt and unstable countries in the world where rebels sabotage their pipelines to purposely cause environmental damage. Russia has oil for sale -- no love loss there. Of course closer to home, we can continue to hope that Hugo Chavez continues to love the profits CITGO, his United States petroleum through-put provides him. There's no telling what fancy or fantasy might cause a radical change of heart and no longer sell us oil. Closer to home, we buy lots of oil from Mexico. Mexico is not exactly the most stable business enterprise in the world. Their state run oil empire is inefficient and corrupt.

That leaves us with Canada, the people like earth most like us, our largest oil exporter. Canada, Canada, Canada, can you spare your brothers to the south a few more drops of petrol? Pretty please? We'll even let the NFL play one game a year in Toronto.

The United States has plenty of oil ready to be tapped now. The ANWR reserve isn't even one quarter the size of the Dulles Airport facillity in Northern Viriginia. The way the Democrats and Environmental daisy devotees act, you'd think we were going to bulldoze and pave the entire frozen tundra machine gunning Caribou and Polar Bears in the process. They've shown lovely romantic videos of rich northern wildlife prospering in their northern paradise when in truth the area discussed for drilling is a flat, muddy waste land in summer and just a big sheet of snow in the winter. A few oil rigs would be a nice break in the monotony!

Consider this, in 2005, the Gulf of Mexico was hit hard by violent hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, yet not one drop of oil spilled. Drilling is permitted of Louisiana and Texas. The rest of the Gulf is loaded with oil which the Cubans are going after to market to Communist China. First come, first served. Use it or lose it. Meanwhile, there's plenty of more oil ready to be tapped like a beer keg at a frat party along the Atlantic coast. Harder to retrieve, but loaded, are the Rocky Mountain shale reserves.

However, Hurricane Nancy blows harder with more fury and persistence than any force of nature and the hot air and destruction she generates affects all of America. It's not just a freak storm limited to the looney toons land of her San Francisco district which will probably soon look into the possibility of using marajuana sticks and stems for an alternate fuel. WOO-HOO, check that out!!!

As discussed previously, ALL measures to enlarge and modernize our energy supply must be pursued. All efforts must go full speed ahead to develop alternative fuel sources. There are plenty of technologies ready to go today which would be very appropriate and effective to produce some relief right now. Some day, the world will run out of oil. We need petroleum for lots more than fuel. Every drop we don't use today will be there for us tomorrow. As such, better fuel economy, conservation, and more use of shared and public transportation is also a high priority.

The point is, our energy situation requires action on all levels with every possible source being explored in the least restrictive free market conditions possible with the government serving as a facilitator not inhibitor. The government should be providing incentives for production and not punishing through excessive regulation and taxes.

Hurricane Nancy raises her rating to maximum force by also talking of excise profit taxes on oil companies. Who's going to pay those taxes? We are. The oil companies will have some means to offset those expenses. She also DEMANDED President Bush free up oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve which would be against the law so she would be compelled to initiate impeachment proceedings if he did that wouldn't she? Don't worry if this doesn't make sense, logic does not apply on Planet Nancy.

If we are dependent on Nancy Pelosi to save us, WE'RE DOOMED!!!

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