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Last Minute Censorship of Novel Critical of Mohammed Raises Broader Questions

(The cartoon image of the Big Moh is one of several that sparked worldwide rioting when it was published in a Danish newspaper.)

Random House Fearing Islamic Reaction Pulls Novel Off Shelf Hours Before It Hit the Shelves

Any kind of intelligent discussion of the religion of Islam is becoming increasing impossible as insane political correctness combined with fear of igniting possible Muslim backlash has created a sense of manic paranoia to say anything possibly offensive to the Islamic World who is never at a loss to scream mistreatment while demanding special accomodations to practice their religion unbostructed in anyway including wanting time set aside during the work day to practice their rituals and in some cases even demanding foot washing stations.

Journalists are even coached to distort their stories as prescribed by the Society of Professional Journalists who mandate:

— Avoid using terms such as "jihad" unless you are certain of their precise meaning and include the context when they are used in quotations. The basic meaning of "jihad" is to exert oneself for the good of Islam and to better oneself.

(quoted from "Diversity Guidelines," Society for Professional Journalism, http://www.spf.org/)

Okay, you got that? Those guys who crashed airliners into the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon were trying to better themselves. Well, if they came to the conclusion the world would be better off without them, that's probably a legitimate conclusion, but does anybody think that the 3000 people they murdered, the families they destroyed, the thousands more injured and disabled wanted their assistance "bettering themselves." Only in some highly revisionistic, politically correct obliterations of the context by which Jihad is normally understood can this insane redefinition of "jihad" be implied. If some Muslim fellow announces he's engaging in "jihad" and your name, family, city, nation, or faith is involved, he sure as hell is not trying to improve you. There's more garbage in their guidelines, worth reading.

Has anyone heard from Salman Rushdie lately? He's the subject of a few jihads isn't he?

If novelists can't publish novels that suggest what ever the author wants to express about Islam, where are we as a culture? Whether it's good solid fiction or even a complete thrashing of what some consider an evil religion, if there's a market for such material, publishers should market the product. How can they censor something about Mohammed while at the same time publishing a work like the DaVinci Codes which surely turns the story of Christ inside out.

Here's the article that drew RMF's attention: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,406483,00.html

Although this is a corporate decision, not a first amendment issue, it's still a sad day when a minority religion from which so much of the world's evil arises can hold an entire culture hostage for fear of how some rotten apples in their basket might respond to any suggestion that hurts their fragile feelings.

Our first amendment provides that "Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion or the free expression thereof." That's it, period. This does not mean citizens using their first amendment rights of free speech and free press can't intelligently discuss or criticize any relgion as they see fit. In fact, it also protects the freedom of those who would lie and propagandize against a person's faith as even hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan are legally permitted to spew their hatred.

There is something wrong with the world of Islam. While this writer believes most Muslims are essentially good, decent people trying to earn a living and take care of their families like just about everyone else in the world, the institution of Islam deserves an intense critical eye. Just as American Catholics had been wretchedly deceived by the church hierachy over the dreadful homosexual abuse of young boys by a handful of evil clergy, organized Islam must search its conscience and deal with those who practice evil in the name of or under the protection of their mosques.

One can argue on the teachings of the Catholic church, its positions, and how some of them impaact politics, but as an institution, what organization contributes more the the world's education while through its charitable organizations feeds many starving people around the world and provides healthy for needy communities where it can as well. Accept or deny their religious teachings, the Catholic Church is one of the greatest sources of good on the planet in 2008. As a organization created by mortal man, it is not above corruption. Yet, look at how the Catholic church is ridiculed, demeaned, and slandered not only by vicious radical Muslims but even in the conventional press in Europe and the United States where millions of Catholics practice their faith.

The Media establishment which owns a large segment of the publishing industry has no problem knocking, taunting, and damning the Protestant majority particularly Baptists or anyone who professes to live a faith-driven life. Terms like the "Religious Right," "Extreme Fundementalists," and other labels are thrown about not identify the true extremists in America's faith-based community but pulling in major figures not just within the church but society in general who are casually demeaned for their religious values.

The Jewish faith in America and the Western world takes a horrible beating from many angles as well. Basic humanity would seem to mandate that a population united by a common faith and heritage who suffered mass extermination with over six million of its faithful wiped out while millions more were starved, tortured, driven from their homes, and separated from their families in the 1930's and 1940's at the hands of Hitler's Nazi murderers deserve all the love and support any human with the slightest ounce of humanity can offer. Yet criticism of Israeli politics is often used as a convenient cloak to spread anti-Zionist bigotry and centuries old vicious stereotypes of the Jewish people. In every city and town through out the free world are vocal extremists who deny the Holocaust ever happened. Where's the outrage against them?

This year the world saw the rape and exploitation of under aged girls sanctioned and practiced by an extremist cult, a breakaway fringe group of lunatics claiming some heritage with the church of Latter Day Saints. The instant their treachery became public, the faithful from through out the Judeo Christian world were quick to condemn those wicked souls while supportting the government's effort to prosecute those monsters.

Where are the mainstream Muslims? Where are the moderate Muslims and their condemnation of mercy killings, terrorism, brutal oppression of women, and absolute intollerance of those who either practice another religion or don't practice their flavor of the month version of Mohammaed's musings? It's not fair to judge all people who practice the Muslim religion based on the behavior of the higher-up's in the relgion. Still, neither Sunnis nor Shiites as major denominations of Islam have marched their leaders before the media to address the absolute wicked behavior the world sees way too much of for the love of Mohammed.

Muslims assert they are children of Abraham as are Christians and Jews. As such their Allah is the same almighty as our God. The God I know from my cultural heritage would damn the murder and torture committed in God's name from what they believe Mohammed has instructed his followers to believe.

RMF can't help but wonder about what The Bible says about false prophets. My understanding of Mohemmed shows a fellow who was a vicious warrior and polygamist. It's hard to feel good about a religion that centers around a faith spread by the swing of the sword contrasted with the inspirational and uplifting stories of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, and Moses.

It might be politically correct to do so and if I revealed my true identity who as Batman is to Bruce Wayne, who's the real RMF, I chose to remain anonymous quite frankly so I can speak freely without fear of reprisal when expressing things many of us probably want to say about the world of Islam.

Soon, our names will be known, the gauntlet will fall, and the wickedness of Islam will be confronted and the cowardly accomodation of their vile intimidation of the world's intellectual community will be destroyed.

Be strong. Be honest. Don't let Islamic tyranny imprison your hopes and dreams. Refuse to let our leaders pussy under when Christians and Jews dare not post a copy of the Ten Commandments in their office space for fear management will scold them for creating a hostile environment as some athiests' or Moslems' "sensibilities" might be offended.

Treat others as you would want others to treat you. We've all been endowed by certain inallienable rights by our creator. LIVE IT or Mohammed might take it away.

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