Friday, August 8, 2008

Justice at Guantanamo - Part 2 NOT!!!

Salim Harridan, Osama Bin Ladin's Driver and Body Guard Gets 5 1/2 Month Sentence
RMF is looking for some powerful barbeque sauce for the big serving a crow he is about to consume after expressing excessive ebullience after the first military tribunal prisoner was convicted for his role in al-Qaida.
Coverage suggests Harridan's primary defense was, in essense, was "I was just the driver." However, for starters, as Bad-Ass Bin-Tin-Tin's bodyguard, was he not present during the 9/11 planning activities? Further when captured, this professional chauffeur, a working stiff just trying to earn a living fortunate enough to have a motor vehicle instead of a camel or jackass, (There's no shortage of the latter in today's world.) was caught red handed with a nice stash of weapons including two surface-to-air missiles. This upstanding Afghan working man with a wife and two children to support indicated he had a "relationship of respect" with Bin Ladin and regretted that his actions caused so much loss of life.
In this new millenium, where all kinds of old things have gone away when we hear of a nefarious radical prettied up with soaring rhetoric and made for media public persona becoming the nominee of the Democratic party being described as "post partisan" or "post racial" the rules of logic, those pesky principles of reason like the ad hominem and glittering generalities, seem to no longer apply, it appears terrorism means never having to say I'm sorry.
Since this sympathetic figure, Salim Harridan, was a professional driver by trade, do you think he earned good behavior points by telling the panel he was always careful to inflate his tires?

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