Sunday, August 3, 2008

On Olympics' Eve Communist Chinese are Acting Like Communists

The Washington Post reports today (August 3rd) how the Communist (though they'll never call the spade a spade and call them "Communist' or "Red") Chinese are harassing and imprisoning protesters including peasant farmers the worst of the worst victims of the totalitarean state unless you happen to be a follower of the Dali Lama living in Tibet where expressing your religion could cost you your life. Anyone who'd feel threatened by a peaceful gentle fellow like the Dali Lama must really be screwed up!

As Chinese citizens are being systematically rounded up and persecuted, reports have been plentiful on how the Chinese dictators are censoring the Internet so guests cannot get news and background about anything that would displease the oppressive government potentates with the potential of all outgoing traffic being monitored so the deceitful dictators can take action against guests who don't enjoy their Chinese hospitality.

The world must hold the International Olympic Committee to account for awarding the Olympics to one of the most evil governments in the world today. As recent history has shown, naked political interests, bribery and corrupt quid-pro-quos have more to do with awarding Olympic events than a deliberate, fair process. Even in the United States we saw just how corrupt Olympic organizing efforts can be as Salt Lake City's shame became a national issue that was finally resolved favorably thanks to the tireless efforts of Mitt Romney.

While Americans will cheer for Michael Phelps to cart home loads of gold and see if Coach Mike Krzyzewski can be wizard of the hard wood floors leading a bunch of big egoed millionaires to world domination on the basketball court, our competitors will demonstrate everything American, mostly good, some bad, against the backdrop of brutal Communist oppression. We're not afraid to show our good and our bad. Much of the world media will turn its cameras to the United States as our Presidential conventions will be held immediately after the Olympics. There will be plenty of protesters, some trying to stir up chaos, in Denver and Minneapolis, but it's hard to imagine much coming of that activity. The greatest outrage aside from Barrack Obama being the assured Democrat nominee is how Denver plans to deal with its homeless, inviting them to attend movies and museums so as not to be a distraction to the big event. How about the Chinese doing the same for their citizens they want to conceal. They've got plenty of pirated DVD's ready to export around the world to suck the profits away from legitmate manufacturers which they could use to exhibit world class films.

Regardless, the big show is days away as the Communist creeps will spare nothing to put on a sanitized fake image of Red China as a progressive modern society. One deep breath of the heavily polluted air in a culture where controlling air pollution is an unnecessary imposition on soaking up billions of dollars in world trade from countries that respect the earth will remind visitors all they're seeing is an illusion.

For the sake of basic humanity, we must pray few Chinese suffer at the hands of their brutal tyrants who have zero regard for their liberty. Exploitation rules supreme behind the bamboo curtain.

The world is watching. The world is watching.

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