Wednesday, August 20, 2008

JOE FRANCIS: Public Enemy in the News Again

Sorry guys, Right Minded Fellow does not like porn. I have too much respect for ladies to have any use for it. Playboy magazine is one thing, but "Girls Gone Wild," the Larry Flynt stuff, and what has become the biggest industry on the Internet is the underbelly of humanity, who needs it?

Joe Francis, punk, and founder of "Girls Go Wild" video series is seeking to have his legal settlement rescinded as yet another attempt for the world class sleaze ball to elicit public sympathy for his wreckless lifestyle and gross exploitation of young women.

Here's the latest from AP. Ho hum. What a jerk.

Francis, the self-styled entrepreneur film maker, has made millions sending his camera crews to locales where lots of young ladies are scantily clad and consuming much alcohol. Rumor has it, his guys are quite generous with the bar tabs too. The goal is to get drunken and impressionable young ladies to flash their boobs or engage in other demeaning conduct while the cameras are running. Of course Franncis gets these gals to sign a release to be filmed, but how many of them are in their right minds to do so? Stories persist of "Girls Go Wild" staff buying drinks for girls below legal drinking age or sometimes too young to consent for erotic filming to get their signatures for such conduct.

Prosecutors have been all over this loathesome character. It's good to see the law aggressively pursuing this puke; however, some legal actions might be crossing the line as far as first amendment rights are concerned. I hate the thought of Francis getting away with anything, but there's a fine line there. I trust there are plenty legal ways to nail this idiot to the wall and shut down his business.

This is a particularly disturbing kind of sex-ploitation. It's one thing to contract a lady to appear in dirty films who has to be hired, have to consider her decision, then later report to work to do the naughty. There's some time to back out, to reconsider. However, to go to events like the big spring break orgies in Florida each March and get totally looped college girls to bare all is pure wickedness.

It's amazing some girls' fathers or boyfriends haven't extracted a little instant justice on this rat. To think his videos are advertised on late night teleivsion. WBFF-TV, Channel 45 in Baltimore has advertised his product in the wee wee wee hours. SHAME ON THEM!!!

In our pleasure driven, hedonistic culture, some things are just plain wrong. Got that Joey?


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