Thursday, March 31, 2011

Carter in Cuba

Carter schmoozing in Cuba

Jimmy Carter is the national disgrace who keeps disgracing US. No former President has usurped the authority of the office he once dishonored with his extreme incompetence than the Jew-hating, Palestinian advocate, former peanut farmer than James Earl Carter. Time after time, Carter has used his status speaking in international venues to undermine the foreign policy and international objectives of the United States particularly on matters of Middle East relationships.

Now, he has taken his intense disloyal conduct to a higher degree travelling to Cuba sucking up to Raul Castro, the murderous acting dictator of the Communist state.

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His conduct is a cruel slap in the face to every Cuban-American many of whom fled Cuba in death defying actions to arrive in the land of freedom. The Cuban American community is painfully aware of what their fellow neighbors, relatives, and ancestors have done in the quest of freedom.

We cannot allow a revisionist sentiment to color the history of the murderous deeds of the Castro brothers and their contributions to stirring up rancor through out the hemisphere.

To what degree the Obama administration condones Carter's behavior is not known, but it certainly provides an unneeded distraction at a time when they struggle to competently respond to the turmoil in the Middle East.

The Obama administration's incompetence and naivete reminds us of the misery of the Carter years. Then and now, America turned inward rejecting its roll as the greatest force of good on the planet.


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