Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Insanity in Wisconsin -- UNION THUGS SHUT DOWN TOWNHALL

The news media will compare the union riot staged at a Wisconsin Townhall to citizens and tea party participants expresssing their views and venting some anger at Townhall meetings on Obamacare. Don't fall for the media lie!!!

The tea party people were not organized and directed to close down meetings. They did allow speakers to speak. They'd speak when it was their turn with passion and some got heated. They'd sneer and boo positions they didn't like but at least the speakers got their say in.

What you will see in this video is union thug activity. A coordianted attack to not allow an opposing view to speak. This is lawlessness and should be treated as such. Would it be to say that the greatest internal enemy to the United States is organized labor?  If it's not them who is it?

We would not see it over the line for those who continue to disrupt meetings like this after being warned not to to be arrested and prosecutived for disorderly conduct. If they were whacked with night sticks and sprayed with pepper spray, that's fine with me aside from how the press would make martyrs of such loathesome scum.


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