Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 15 Worst Sports' Fans

GQ Magainze issued a survey of the 15 worst sports identified by their teams in the country. Their introduction says it all:

GQ's heavily researched, highly scientific accounting of the bleacher creatures, bottle-throwers, couch-torchers, sexual harassers, projectile vomiters, and serially indifferent bandwagon-hoppers marring our national landscape. Residents of the City of Brotherly Love: You might want to start planning your victory parade right now.

To be sure, alcohol drenched boorish behavior is a shameful phenomenon that the public appears all too willing to excuse or push aside, but assault, arson, vandalism, malicious destruction of property, intimidation, and general hooliganism is never to be tolerated -- yet all too often sporting events are an excuse for way too many to act like common criminals.

How often does a city erupt into riots when its team wins a national championship  -- cars turned over and set on fire, store front windows broken, facillities looted and vandalized?  However, the University of Maryland, #5 on the list for its basketball fans not only shout, "Fuck Duke, Fuke Duke" when playing the legendary North Carolina private college and create pure havoc for anyone associated with the Blue Devils, after the game, the College Park community erupts in flame.

Naturally, horrible things happen within stadiums where taunting fans of opposing teams is treated as fair game and screaming obscenties has become way too common place. One has to look at places like Cleveland Browns footballs games (not on the list) and wonder how there can still be a fine father and son bonding event at a major sports' game be it baseball, basketball, hockey, or football.

Some suggest reducing alcohol sales might be the answer. Where do fools get the money to buy $8 beeres in enough quantity to get trashed?

This writer, for one, is one fan who gets very offended when the "Steelers suck! Steelers suck! Steelers suck!" chants start echoing through out the Batlimore Ravens' stadium. For the record people who behave like that suck. They need to know it in no uncertain terms.

Have fun looking at the GQ survey. Their explanations are right on target.
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1—(tie) Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies
3 – University of West Virginia (football)
4—Oakland Raiders
5 – University of Maryland (basketball)

Baltimore fans will be consoled that the Red Sox rate #6, Duke basketball rates #8 and the New York Yankees rate #9. That the Terps are #5 says a lot about how much the fans need to improve as much as their hapless team does.

Fans should be passionate, enthusiastic, and loyal. It's okay to make noise and direct some good natured taunting at the opposition. Clearly, way too many fools don't know the difference. Let's demand better.

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