Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maryland Teacher's Union Agenda -- They CANNOT be allowed to get their way.

Fortunately for Maryland, the teachers' unions were never successful in gaining some of the onerous privileges and outrageous special interest legislation that the governors of Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana are attempting to repeal. The bad news is the Maryland State Education Association wants all the goodies teachers don't want to give up in those states and much, much more. One look at their legislation makes one thing obvious, they want the state to spend more money, a lot more money, one hell of a lot more money.

Current Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is a union stooge who has gone as far as to appoint the long serving President, Patricia Forrester, as his top Education advisor. The state union has literally one of its own sitting right in the governor's office.

Here's MSEA's legislative agenda and policy concerns as published in their handbook for teachers. These are most disturbing.

Be clear that it's not only what they want but how their overall approach stifles any meaningful attempts at reform. When one looks at the falling levels of achievement throughout Maryland and the atrocity that masquerades as public school in Baltimore City, much needs to be done not the least of which is ignoring what MSEA desires.


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