Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maryland -- The Sanctuary University System

Here we go again, for the second time since elected Governor, Martin O'Malley, the narcissistic ultra-ambitious rock star wanna-be spotlight grabber governor of Maryland, was elected, Maryland is about to raise taxes again including taxes on gasoline, alcohol, and small business fees in Baltimore Country. The huge income tax increase of 2007 sought to exploit Maryland's well-to-do as a piggy bank for all kinds of labor union and pet Democratic party causes less than a year after the Ehrlich administration had run a tight economic shop that consistently balanced budgets without raising taxes.

The result, those wealthy enough to leave Maryland might have gone as far as Florida or Texas where there is no income tax while middle class exodus continues to Southern Pennsylvania as the northern tier of the Baltimore suburbs, Virginia as an alternative to Prince George's or Montgomery County in the Washington DC area, or Delaware for population centers in Cecil, Dorchester, Wicomico, Worchester or any bordering county. Given Elkton and Salisbury practically border on Delaware, it's a short move.

Consider this, a middle class family has struggled for years to keep up with the expanses of family living and moves to Pennsylvania or Delaware to improve their economic standings including having enough money to send their kids to college. Gee, those moving to Southern Pennsylvania, Towson University would be a nice choice or Southern Delaware, Salisbury would be nice; however, they'd now have to pay substantially more expensive tuition as out of state residents even though they work, shop, and contribute to Maryland. So picture this, suppose a kid enrolled in Towson or Salisbury and gave the State his or her grandparents' or uncle's address as residence in Maryland to be able to pay in-state tuition. the student would surely be prosecuted at very least forced to make up the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition but could also face prosecution. That's what's governments due when enterprising citizens find some way to prevent themselves from being robbed by the government.

Of course for student who live in Maryland and seek to attend Maryland universities, they quickly find the state doesn't care about them or their parents who have invested in Maryland's kitty for many years. To take in more money beyond the huge budget from Annapolis and to help bolster phony academic ratings, they'll set higher bars for admission bringing in supposedly more qualified but absolutely higher paying out of state tuition while leaving state students out in the cold. Former Assistant Secretary of Education for Post Secondary, Diane Auer Jones, has frequently written on these college finance issues.

If that's not unfair enough, Maryland like a number of other extreme left wing states now seeks to provide another privileged class to get reduced in state tuition. They are not legal Maryland residents. They don't even belong in the United States. The Maryland Senate voted 27-20 to accommodate illegal immigrants provided they have lived in Maryland for the past three years an easily accomplished task since Maryland is a sanctuary state, something Martin O'Malley proudly boasts about, and the Immigration authorities certainly could care less about illegal immigrants right on the doorstep of the nation's capital.

The bottom line Maryland taxpayers and resident students are financing privileges for people breaking the law. This is at a time schools are cutting teaching positions in Maryland high schools which in turn could have Maryland students less accomplished, less qualified to attend their own Maryland schools. Before long it becomes a vicious circle of political corruption. The overall effect is to hold back legal Maryland residents from reaching their potential able to become significant wage earners to pay ever increasing Maryland taxes to a government whose priority is not wage earners outside of the protected class who fall under the Democratic party's umbrella.

Maryland citizens should be rightly outraged and demand justice from the hateful thieves in Annapolis who steal their money and give it away for building their own political spheres of influence.

Let's be honest, Maryland intends to subsidize lawbreakers. There is no sugar coating this, no pussy-footing around the hard reality of what they're doing. It's not hard to imagine these same politicians and their media supporters will call those who oppose being fleeced to support such an atrocity as bigoted, racist, greedy, and anti-immigrant. What they say doesn't change the cold hard facts of their moronic actions. Smart Marylanders are anti-incumbent corrupt Maryland politicians.

Sadly, Maryland just had the opportunity to restore integrity to the state house and restore Robert Ehrlich and all the common sense reforms he attempted to implement during his four years in the state house, but once again, the state teachers' unions, government employees, union members, and those sucking up the state handouts showed up at the polls while those who have a true investment in the state either didn't show up or voted like retarded politically naive Marylanders so often do.

What will it take Maryland?   How much more of your money is going to the state than in 2006?  What are you getting for your money?  Soon, your chance to enroll in the state university system will be diminished while your hard earned money pays for law breakers to go in your place.

Cut the "undocumented" garbage, THEY ARE ILLEGAL. You can bet that if your son or daughter apply with their grandparents' or uncle's address, the state will document them immediately. The document AN ARREST WARRANT.




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