Saturday, March 19, 2011

Anthony Weiner -- What's in a Name???

Alan Grayson's gone, but for a fellow whose New York 9th congressional district almost borders directly on Coney Island, this wiener is no Nathan's hot dog, he's just a whiny little dick head as the video so marvelously demonstrates.

Why is Anthony Weiner a dick head?  Should we try to be more civil?

We'll answer the second question first, in his snotty universe civility does not exist. How often has this prick been on news programs and after being given every opportunity to get his say in smirks, giggles, sneers, and shouts over other speakers on the panel never missing an opportunity to get a sarcastic jab or a demeaning insult thrown into to disruption.

This is a fellow who shouts down his colleagues on the floor of the house and interrupts news interviews in progress even the person and reporter involved are speaking on subjects that don't please him.

When it comes to any kind of mature, civilized, or respectful behavior Anthony Weiner exhibits none. Polite language fails us. On his best behavior, he's an obnoxious prick. More often than not he's a full blown dick head.

There was a time the position of congressman automatically commanded some measure of respect, but those days were long gone when the Brooklyn congressman arrived on the scene but from the get go this smart ass has proven himself hellbent on dragging things down to new lows.

Looking at his political positions -- he's as ultra-left as they come but from the most incredibly cynical point of view -- no naive idealism to be sure. It's his mission to identify those whose assets can be fleeced and redistributed elsewhere. Additionally, his economic policies are anti-business, anti-entrepreneurship, and certainly not ones that would solve any compelling issues like energy independence. While Anthony Weiner could be filed under the heading of "tax and spend liberal" he does so with such a passion and with such hatred towards those who are driving the economy, developing innovations, controlling government spending and helping our country reach toward the future as the most technologically advance country in the world. He would never trust that inventors or entrepreneurs can go about their business without the government supervising them every step of the way.

The basic equation is that a strong regulatory government needs to put its foot on the throat of anyone who can function independently. Only the government can determine who should be doing what and who gets what -- of course they are generally special interest groups who provide the backbone of the Democratic party.

The son of a lawyer and a public school math teacher, Weiner's first job out of college was working for (SURPRISE, SURPRISE) Congressman Chuck Schumer. Schumer mentored the little Weiner to pursue local politics and at 27, became the youngest member of the New York City council. When Chuck Schumer unseated incumbent Senator D'Amato victimized by the notorious Putzheaad scandal. Weiner ran to succeed Schumer and has maintained that position ever since. He has been one of the most aggressive pursuers of the government takeover of American health care. His staff has one of the highest turnover rates on Capitol Hill -- working for a dickhead, that should be of no surprise.

While such a loathsome bastard would make a great target for obliteration in congressional elections, his district is about as absolutely pure Democrat as a district could be. It's quite likely his antics are just fine with lots of the folk who elected the little Weiner to congress.

We regret that our blog just barely shows the degree of contempt Anthony Weiner so richly deserves. As long as his staunch advocacy of income redistribution coupled with his vicious, mean spirited conduct continue we can at least shower him in the contempt he deserves: Anthony Weiner, New York Congressman, District 9, long standing nominee for "dickhead of the year."


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