Sunday, March 20, 2011

Math -- Baltimore County Public Schools' Superintendent Style

The corrupting arrogance of Baltimore County Superintendent, Joseph Hairston, is not going unnoticed. WBAL, Baltimore's news radio station has investigative reporters digging in deep and the State Legislature who approves huge payments to the corrupt system are taking note. State Senator Kathy Klausmeier and Delgate John Olszewski Jr. have sent a letter to the superintendent demanding he justify the hiring of a deputy superintendent, Renee Foose at $214,000 a year while eliminating over 200 middle and high school teaching positions. They are also questioning the Superintendent's policy that any salary information must be requested in writing.

It is unacceptable and should be illegal for ANY school system employee's salary and benefits to be confidential. Considering that Baltimore City rank-in-file fire fighters had their entire earnings identified by name including overtime posted in the media, certainly out in the county citizens should be able to see what their high taxes are used to fund.

Given the Board is appointed by the government having no allegiance to the country residents' they serve, that a corrupt, secretive, bureaucratic villain like Hairston would be hired and act as ruthlessly as he has should be no surprise. This is the same fellow who rewarded an ex-associate from Georgia million dollar software deals on a no-bid, no public proposal basis when Anne Arundel County was able to use commercially available, IBM software to meet the same need  for their system.


It's time for an uproar in Baltimore County. Proper investigations including grand jury action if necessary must be conducted to turn over every stone, rifle every file, interrogate every bureaucratic, and study every expenditure. Joseph Hairston and his inner circle must be removed from office immediately.

County residents must demand they be represented. If their state legislators will not create an elected school board, then as citizens, the measure must be submitted for referendum. There is sufficient evidence right now that Joe Hairston must go RIGHT NOW. However, until there is a management structure that is accountable to the people of Baltimore County not the political ambitions of the governor, the structure is inherently corrupt.


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