Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bill Maher Calls Sarah Palin a Bad Name -- For Fox That's Hard News

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, twit, twot, twhat?? TWEET, TWEET, TWEET.
 Sarah Palin versus Bill Maher, TWHAT THE HELL???

For the record, we will opine that Sarah Palin is a TWINKIE, a stale, moldy TWINKIE -- all sweetness is purely artificial, substance malnutritious, content heavy on artificial ingredients.

Here we go again, left-wing, Christian hating, atheist left-wing extremist comedian/commentator, Bill Maher, on his HBO program slammed Sarah Palin first with what was actually a funny joke that captures Palin’s idiocy beautifully.

So you heard how Sarah Palin reacted when she heard Japan was hit by the Tsunami?

She responded, “Well, by golly we’d better go bomb the hell out of that Tsunami?

Ha-ha-ha, folks can make a career out of trashing vulnerable figures in the public eye, and Sarah Palin. Good enough, but Maher also called Palin, “a twot.” Okay, that’s a very offensive term and overtly sexist in polite society, but Maher is not “polite society.” His audience is a group of idiots who’d characterize themselves as “hip progressives’ the kind of detached elitists who live in cities like New York and Los Angeles plus have a strong following on college campuses.

In typical form, each time Palin gets jabbed in the media, her faithful mouthpiece, Fox News, publishes a story concerning the snub, gives it top story status, and at very least, the deed will be noted with a fair amount of outrage on Sean Hannity’s program.

Predictably, the next time Sarah Palin is in front of the cameras, either responding to a question or making a statement, she’ll not just express her outrage at being insulted, she’ll toss in some nasty insults of her own like in response to former Pennsylvania Senator, Rick Santorum who had found some humor in her turning down a speaking engagement. Santorum’s taunt against Palin was hardly vulgar, just a light-hearted jab, but not to the Wasilla Wench who responded, “I’d like to call him a knuckle dragging Neanderthal but I’ll leave that to his wife to do.”

Of course, Fox News coverage was just short of play-by-play, blow-by-blow every step of the way. What’s ironic is Fox dismissed Santorum and Newt Gingrich for their status as potential Presidential candidates – but who’s making the biggest noise in that regard?

Did somebody say the Wasilla Wench??/

Sarah Palin appears able to get the lead story position on at least one Prime Time Fox program almost on demand which amounts to every time an insult directed at her is made public, and it’s usually Fox News, if no one else, publicizes the taunt.

Can anyone not see the conflict in interest? Palin is both the story of the news and the commentator hired to reflect on the news. It’s hard to call what she offers as commentary since it consists of her responding to her situation in the context of a newsmaker not in a segment specifically put aside for her to conduct news analysis (something obviously far too complicated for her limited intellectual skill set) or a space specifically for commentary (She’ll gladly run her mouth on anything no matter how simplistic, immature, or ignorant the content might be0.

It’s a fundamental observation of child psychology that when bullies torment a worthy target, and the child subjected to torment responds demonstrably, the bullies realize they got their adversary’s “goat” and pile it on more relentlessly. Those who keep their cool and brush off moronic attacks soon are relieved of any bully torment. Alas, Sarah Palin's outlook on insult is to return all taunts with equal or greater ferocity. Those who torment her realize their torment hit its mark. VICTORY.

Imagine if George W. Bush or Barack Obama responded to every insult directed at them especially if they tried to get “down and dirty” with them. Satire, harsh and unfair criticism, even outright hatred goes with the turf. The mature responsible figure brushes it off with perhaps nothing more than a polite “no comment” or “I wouldn’t dignify that comment with a response.”

Sarah Palin can take the heat and reveals herself as not just immature and thin-skinned but at heart a very mean-spirited and hostile woman. She not only lowers herself to the level of her attackers but that she returns fire on the same level reduces her even lower.

The media must stop dealing with the slapstick which allows the media starved should-be nobody from getting undeserved face time. Clearly Palin realizes that if she can get her puss on television, she’s a winner.

Instead, the Media needs to dwell on the real Sarah Palin story that proves she has no educational background to be an expert on anything and that her political experience is very limited. She could not fulfill her one term as governor, and report abound she was clearly in over her head. Further, the gubernatorial needs of Alaska are a far cry from the far more complex issues faced in most of the lower 48 states.

Responsible Republicans and conservatives MUST not only distance themselves from those who are a tremendous liability to their fortunes, they must acknowledge and criticize those who claim rights to their cause who clearly embarrass them at large with independents and easily swayed supporters. Sarah Palin is unfit to govern, period. It doesn’t matter where her heart appears to be. A person with no intellectual curiosity, an obviously socially immature personality, one who never has articulated any issue beyond a mediocre primary school level, and clearly has a very limited knowledge/experiential base does no one any good. That she preaches to peoples’ fears, hatred, and insecurity so effectively is an unacceptable rational for acceptance.

Clearly, Sarah Palin has a dedicated base that hangs on her every word no matter how misspoken it is. Somehow, that formula must translate into ratings and ad-revenue for Fox News since there couldn’t be a more explicit demonstration of leaping away from their stated ideal of being: “fair and balanced.” Of course, MSNBC, likewise, will never sway away from grabbing the pencil and attempt to gouge her eyes out.

The credibility of Fox News is at stake as the 2012 Presidential election heats up. It’s bad enough they have a prime show host suffering from a myriad of severe psychological impairments that consistently show obvious paranoiac and delusional who has severe personality defects in an ongoing struggle dealing with alcohol and substance abuse dementia. Is it any wonder Glenn Beck speaks fondly of Sarah Palin being a close personal friend? Of course any conspiracy theorist trying to sell a book who appears on his program is always a “good old friend.”

Responsible journalism is discredited by trotting out pandering to the prejudices, fears, and anger of fringe elements in the public at large. Doing so makes them appear part of the fringe and not the greater majority. Fox News cannot pretend to show any journalistic objectivity given their cozy relationship and open advocacy of Sarah Palin. A network cannot present commentators screaming extreme views without being perceived as open advocates of the commentator’s positions when there is no clear contrary programming presenting other viewpoints or any attempt to provide rebuttals. The public at large perceives Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck as all right wing fire-breathers despite the huge difference between the three hosts’ stances. The national media selects the most extreme of the three and use his positions as characteristic of all three. O’Reilly’s defense of traditional values with a strong populist element contrasts significantly from Sean Hannity who enthusiastically articulates the mainstream conservative Republican stance. Either one of them is a far cry from the sense of monolithic doom, bizarre secret agents out to destroy all, and rambling delusions from the scary little man. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is on the marquee showing up as what should seem to be an uninvited guest when there are far more important issues with consequences of far greater gravity than whether or not Fox’s little snarling grizzly got her feelings hurt again.

That Bill Maher said something outrageous and controversial about Sarah Palin should surprise no one. That’s his job. That the folks at Fox or Sarah Palin think NOW or any feminist cause would step forward and scream in defense of Palin is a waste of hot air. They’re a left-wing political front not an organization supportive of all women. Does somebody expect otherwise.

At some point somebody’s going to smear Palin and something will happen, probably the extent to her overreaction or the significance of the forum where she blasts off will make the circumstances much higher profile and the national news will report her insanity for what it is. They’ll turn their analysts loose who will carry no water for Palin. Someone will do as we have attempted to do, put her behavior in perspective that will make Sarah bashing mainstream, inescapable, and absolutely accepted. Any continued support for her rag-tag old-timey reactionary simple mindedness from Fox News will erode their posture and if the Republican Party doesn’t distance itself and ostracize Palin, the damage the GOP will suffer could be severe and long lasting.

Let’s see if we can get on Fox news, “Sarah Palin is a ___________________________!” Pick the most demeaning term that comes to mind and fill in the blank. That should do it. Sarah, we’re loaded for bear too. POW!!!!


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