Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fear Mongering in the First Degree

Well, well, well, believe this scare monger, and Al Qeada has it's dude working in the Pentagon!  The Japanese radiation is here and killing us. This is Alex Jones and his wicked paranoia demogoguery.These guys are quick to say they are being taken out of context, but no one like Alex Jones and his wimpy shadow Glenn Beck live off of doing the same. So here he is, direct from his own show. We need all rational thinking Americans, progressives and conservatives alike to flood the radio stations who serve as a conduit for this sickness to get rid of this hateful liar immediately.  See for yourself. This is his daily fare. Even Glenn Beck doesn't come close to this level of retchedness.

We will continue to monitor those who lure conservatives off course and demonstrate their dangerous hate rhetoric.


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