Thursday, March 3, 2011

Political Correctness Run Amok (AGAIN)

Negro Mountain: from Deep Creek Lake, MD to Casselman River, PA

The politically correct crowd is at it again with their faux outrage and moral indignation, a mountain's name in Western Maryland is stirring an uproar among the "we know better" crowd from the urban areas in Central Maryland where they're making Western Maryland's business and their history their business to revise because they find the use of "negro" demeaning.  To mess with this, would be to destroy a cultural monument to a unique slice of African American history where a black soldier fighting in the French-Indian war heroically fought to save several white soldiers and the mountain was named to honor him. A black scout known as Nemesis gave his life defending Colonel Thomas Cresap in the 1756 battle.

REFERENCE ARTICLE:,0,6561861,full.story

Not only do nine Maryland legislators seek to change the name of this historic mountain, they also seek to change the name of Polish mountain in Allegheny county as well. It's Polish mountain not POLLOCK mountain, you dumb asses!!!! Pennsylvania has tried unsuccessfully to rename Negro Mountain in its state legislature.

It is so typical of the politically correct left wing elitists to try to sanitize history to make the stories tell the moral truths in accordance with their dogmatic orthodoxy. How often do they attempt to change cold hard facts with their idiotic name games as in denying the truthful problem involving the presence of illegal aliens in our country and trying to whitewash the whole issue by calling them, undocumented workers, citizens, or residents. BALONEY!!!

There are far greater problems than their attempt to rewrite history to fit their narrow-minded revisionist perspective but the more time they spend on frivolous issues, the less time is left to do truly wicked things like raising taxes, further rewarding public employees, and mandating insanity in public school curriculum.

Let's get these guys out of office. They're fools.


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