Thursday, March 10, 2011


The Wisconsin Democrats are screaming the Republicans STOLE democracy. Oh did they? Despite unruly mobs, intimidation, and threats against their safety, they have met as their jobs require to function as legislators who in pursuit of resolving Wisconsin's severe economic problems and create a more friendly atmosphere to attrack new jobs, carried on doing the business they were elected to do.

Meanwhile, who is stealing Democracy when rather than to show up and do the jobs they were elected to do in their state capital, the Democrat senators remain in self-imposed exile in Illinois. It is shameful and unlawful for them to refuse to fulfill the responsibilities they were elected to perform.

There must be severe consequences for their lawlessness. Sadly, the media is not providing honest coverage making them and the radical teachers' union appear the victims when in fact they are robbing the Wisconsin citizens blind.

They are loathsome greedy bastards to put it politely. Damnation on their house.


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