Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wisconsin Senate Democrats: The Audacity of Idiocy

Picture this, the Wisconsin Senate Democrats who have left Wisconsin for Illinois to prevent votes on legislative matters they oppose and don't have the votes to defeat are demanding that Governor Scott Walker meet with them to discuss possible solutions or compromises. Under normal circumstances, that's how the political process works, but they have one stipulation, that Governor Walker must meet with them in Illinois. Following that logic then, should Maryland Republicans demand Governor Martin O'Malley meet with them in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia or York, Pennsylvania because they have concerns about the Democrats' desire to raise the Maryland gasoline tax?

There is a proper place for Wisconsin legislators to meet with the executive branch of the government. That's in the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. The farce these renegade lawmakers are advancing is an insurrection against civil government in the state they were duly elected to represent by performing the lawful legislative functions they took a sacred oath to honor.

This is all show for a sympathetic media that supports their agenda. Their tactic allows them to go on camera claim they're trying to work things out and that the Governor is being unreasonable refusing to meet them to discuss their issues. What the media soft petals and what is the true matter of law is that their exit to Illinois is not just unreasonable, it's unlawful. The are purposely violating the law to shut down the legal conduct of state business.

Citizens who look clearly and open-mindedly at what is going on in Wisconsin can clearly see how out of line the Senate Democrats, the Wisconsin Teachers' unions, and their supporters are out of line. The news media is not doing its job to report the news objectively in an impartial manner.

Society should have nothing but pure contempt for those empowered to make the law so boisterously flaunting breaking the law. For such conduct there must be severe and shift consequences.

For whatever value audacity might hold, the Wisconsin Senators have more than adequately overwhelmed that with their pure idiocy.


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