Monday, March 21, 2011

NASCAR: GO Mary Jo!!!

We salute NASCAR Nationwide and Camping World Truck series driver, Mary Jo Cobb, for standing tall refusing to participate as a "start and park" driver for Saturday's Nationwide competition. The feud between her and her driver, Rick Russell, owner of the ironically named Second Chance Racing, to where she refused to race after threatening to continue racing despite her owner's desires who threatened he'd attempt to show her up and have NASCAR black flag her.

We have a message to Rick Russell, if you don't have the money and resources to have your NASCAR entry participate in the entire race, GET THE HELL OUT!!! NASCAR competition is a sport not a vanity event where some rich kid can go through the motions to see his pretty car on a fancy NASCAR track.

NASCAR was foolish for not nipping this practice in the bud when it started to go viral the last few years. When one thinks of Dave Marcis who barely scraped together enough money to show up for races, who scrimped and saved to participate, he stayed on the track as long as his car would hold together.

Meanwhile what is this sick practice doing to young drivers who finally get an opportunity to race on the Sprint Cup or Nationwide level, perhaps being promised the world, but then are only able to race a few shameful parade laps and pull in the pits. Surely, it cannot be good for their future in the sport to be seen as "just one of those start and park" fellows. If one were a competitive owner looking for a young driver -- who would be more attractive -- a fellow who is tearing it up in ARCA, Trucks, or Nationwide, or some poor sap who is no where to be seen after the first half hour or so of a race?

One has to wonder if there will be any future for fellows like Michael McDowell or Landon Cassill. Youth is seldom patient, but perhaps some of these young drivers would be well advised to excel at a level where they can race the entire race every week than accept an offer from an owner who simply doesn't belong in the same league as the likes of Hendricks, Roush, Gibbs, Petty, Childress, Earnhardt-Ganassi, Waltrip, et. al.

Clearly, the blame belongs to NASCAR for not cracking down on something that probably only makes sense in some abstract sense to the France dynasty, but would have Bill Junior have let this get so out of hand?

There is no compelling reason to have to have 43 cars start a major NASCAR race. In fact, it might be better competition if the scabs were weeded out. This blog site accepts that we do harp on this issue because we want it solved for the sake of our NASCAR fans and our love of the sport.

We ask our readers to consider the what if's and apply them to other sports. What if the Pittsburgh Pirates chose to only play two innings? Maybe the Detroit Lions would just play half of the first quarter. Suppose a PGA golfer made the cuts and qualified to play on Sunday. What if one of Elderick's fellows headed for the club house after just playing the first three holes?

All these examples seem totally preposterous. Can anyone provide a reasonable argument that would make it any less ridiculous for what NASCAR permits?

Check our postings and send their links to your racing buddies. Let's build a fire under NASCAR to clean up this mess. One can only imagine the weasel's press release NASCAR might compose to justify "park and ride" participation (wait -- the issue is THEY DON'T participate.)

Go Mary Jo!!!  She'll be racing in Fontana's Nationwide race, racing the #41 for owner Rick Ware while the parasite, Rick Russell, intends to sue her for breach of contract. She's getting her second chance by leaving Second Chance Racing. Good for her!!!


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