Saturday, March 12, 2011

MEXICO -- Our Next War

The saga of the Southwest Border is out of control. Illegal immigrants flood in the America unchecked, areas along the Mexican border in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California are garbage strewn wastelands, the result of criminal intruders' passing through. Parts of our country are truly occupied territory by lawless intruders -- government land in Mexico with warnings for real citizens not to trespass. Brutal violence is a daily occurrence just feet over the line from America's border cities like El Paso and Laredo. Phoenix, Arizona leads the United States in kidnapping almost all of it Mexican gang related. Pure terrorism flourishes at our doorstep.

Meanwhile, over the border, a few hundred miles south of the United States, Ford Motor Company operates one of its most important assembly lines essentially deported from their home company by greedy labor unions that priced themselves and hence domestic manufacturing out of existence. Tourist attractions like Cancun and Cabo continue to haul in the tourists. Around the nation's capital, Mexico City, are palaces of great wealth and fortune. Those images stand in stark contrast to what exists along the nation's northern territory where lawless drug cartels rule and what facsimile there is of supposed law enforcement is instead little more than a corrupt shakedown operation often praying on naive American motorists. Mass murder, torture, and pure lawless is the law of the land. Weapons flow in like a steady river from north of the border as contraband drugs flow north.

No one is safe in the land of lawlessness. Recently, a young couple from Colorado was jet skiing along a border waterway, the husband was murdered by Mexican thugs. Now an American college professor visiting her elderly mother in the border town of Ciudad Juarez intersecting El Paso, Texas was kidnapped by a gang of armed thugs.


How bad is it? At least 39 United States citizens were murdered in the thug infested city of 1.3 million residents. Torture, mutilation and decapitation are standard fare. Their brutality is absolutely as severe Islamic extremists except the Mexican thugs aren't about to kill themselves when they can kill others without consequence. In 2010, there were 3,075 homicides in Juarez, approximately 229 per 100,000 citizens. By contrast, Baltimore, Maryland, a city plagued with urban violence endured 223 murders for the entire year in a city half the size of the Mexico murder ward. In Mexico, the drug cartel rules twenty four/seven with the terrorists in control.

The cold hard truth is with one footstep across the border from the United States into Mexico, a person crosses into a chaotic land of pure lawlessness much more like the pure anarchy of Somalia than anything resembling an elected republic.

Worse, all the elements of terrorism, lawlessness and murder continue to get worse at an alarming rate with an ever accelerating degree of viciousness. The struggle to keep it contained in Mexico continues to be more and more difficult.

No matter what the national government of Mexico attempts to do, all efforts are futile in its north frontier. American border agents are overwhelmed in part to Washington indifference. The longer both governments fail to weed out and destroy the cartels, the more the inevitable becomes clear. At a time when border agents are charged with murder for acting in self-defence while politics and political correctness rule supreme, the enemy of the American and Mexican people are growing stronger, getting bolder, conquering more area as their home turf.

While immigration reform is important to take care of the US side of the border, only armed force along the entire southern frontier will keep the thugs from entering the United States, but what will it take to go right to the belly of the beast -- to eradicate the insurrection, to kill the vicious enemies of civilization hell bent on making all of northern Mexico one huge killing field?

The time for decisive action is long past due, the Obama administration and legislators from both parties seem lost in denial while states in the line of fire find all their actions increasingly futile without Federal support.

The march of death moves on. How many will be beaten,tortured, and murdered today? We're running out of tomorrows to fix the problem.


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