Friday, March 18, 2011

Scary Little Man Goes Delusional -- Beck's Presidential Address

The cretin express is in full bloom this week which is most unfortunate given the real suffering in Japan and Libya. It seems without fail, every time Glenn Beck takes time off, he returns to the air more bizarre and delusional than ever before. His antics have been in full bloom this week. Surely to the delight of the liberal establishment, the more the scary little man pops off and they can use him to characterize what conservatism is all about, the more fence straddlers, independents, and "moderate" Republicans will find sanctuary with the Democrats.

Glenn Beck's egg is cracked and Humpty Dumpty's fall will be only a matter of time as his ratings continue to plunge despite enjoying a huge lead over CNN, HN, and MSNBC in the 5:00 pm time slot. It's just a matter of time before CNN with its enormous resources or MSNBC with Comcast now calling the shots will find a program that will destroy the petty little whining demagogue.

The White House officials who monitor the media must be laughing themselves wet with this spectacle. It truly is pathetic. The question is does Beck believe what he's doing in earnest or is it all calculated theatrics? Either way a sick man is in the driver's seat.


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