Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bold Education Reform in Florida

The upheaval around the country supported by teachers’ unions cannot die that education reform marches on and the louder they cry the more the public is likely to backlash against them. Florida just signed a law eliminating conventional teacher tenure tying teacher compensation to job performance – the more effective a teachers’ performance, the better his or her salary. For decades, the unions have fought off such scenarios arguing teachers are subject to vindictive and ineffective administrators who don’t rate them fairly. Of course the answer to that is to develop a more performance based assessment model which schools attempt to do over union protests. Teachers have argued how can their compensation be based on student tests results. If the public gives this issue serious thought, the question must be how can they NOT be!

Florida is a state in need of desperate improvement. Governor Jeb Bush did much to move the Sunshine State in the right direction raising issues and citing needs. Now concrete action is being taken. Obviously, one requirement to reform education is to put the state legislatures and governorships in Republican hands since there is such a conspicuous symbiotic relationship between unions and the Democratic Party.

We wish Florida students and their teachers who recognize this exciting new challenge all the best of fortune. Together, they can make a big difference.



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