Friday, May 20, 2011

Netanyahu's Washington Dilema

Can there be any question that Barack Obama has no interest in Israel’s well-being?

Barack Obama’s speech given Thursday May 19, 2011 marked a great departure from what has been American policy in support of Israel supporting defensible boundaries to where Obama insists that Israel abandon all land to revert to its boundaries before 1967 when Israel ceased land from surrounding Arab nations in response to their unprovoked attack on the democratic nation. Such concessions would mean abandoning east Jerusalem, site of some of the most sacred Christian and Jewish holy icons and would leave Israel’s Ben Gurion airport just eight miles from the Palestinian boundary putting the entire area in easy surface to air launcher range. The Golan Heights would also revert to Syria creating another strategic nightmare.

Obama’s intentions on the even of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit is not the first time Netanyahu has been given the cold shaft by the radical Obama regime. In March, 2010, Netanyahu was denied customary accommodation for a friendly foreign head of state instead of getting the red carpet treatment was shown the back door where no formal photo shoots or any of the other traditional rituals of respect were shown one of America’s closest and most proven allies, an island of sanity in the turmoil of Arab radicalism and anarchy. With not even the courtesy of a White House dinner, the message was clear that Israel as represented by Netanyahu was not worthy of the kind of respect American allies have a long tradition of expecting.

The timing of Obama’s slight leading to Netanyahu’s next visit couldn’t be more of a vicious slam. At a time when the U.S. Special Forces, Navy Seals, eliminated Osama Bin Laden, a shared enemy to both states, when turmoil in adjoining Syria shows conclusively the brutal totalitarian nature of Israel’s neighboring enemy, what could be more disconcerting to America’s ally than Obama announcing to the world, a plan for rendering his country helpless. Were Israel to unilaterally concede territory once again would leave it with essentially no negotiation chips left to deal with its surrounding adversaries.

This event shows the true radical character of Obama’s world outlook. That Obama has failed to visit Israel certainly showed the aversion the American upstart President feels to the Jewish state. Consistent with leftist ideology and its sense that anything having roots in European colonialism is wicked, the extent to which Obama’s measured occasional utterances of support for Israel seem so shallow when his core instincts would support the country’s obliteration.

How American Jews will accept this stunning slam of their kinship for such shallow political motives remain to be seen. It stands to reason, Obama could be tossing aside potential political support for the most nebulous of political ideals and showing once again that no American ally is safe from harm with Obama in the White House.

Any person who supports Israel and western Democracy must be extremely troubled with the total naïveté and passivity Obama’s address shows in his approach to the current upheaval in Islamic nations. At a time when the U.S. could clearly be posturing from a position of strength, Obama instead has chosen to capitulate to showing America apologetic in stance incapable of exercising control and leadership.

Barack Obama once again fails to understand that capitulation is seen as weakness by the Islamic world and Israel will pay the horrible consequences as a result.

How any American ally can trust America when Israel has been so casually tossed aside and betrayed raises even tougher questions?

Every concerned American must show the administration its outrage at the radical, weak, and dangerous stance Obama has taken in the Middle East and Islamic world.

How can the Israeli people not feel betrayed and lied to?

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