Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama Sells Out Israel

Middle East Madness

Barack Obama has not only abandoned one of the United States most sacred allies but is also pursuing an absolutely dangerous agenda in demanding that Israel should return to its 1967 borders.

How is it that Israel expanded beyond those 1967 boundaries? Because they were attacked by surrounding Arab nations. They were plunged into a war they did not provoke and in the process clobbered their opponents in defense of their homeland. That their victory provided the opportunity to acquire more land to make their population more secure with more defensible boundaries only seems just.

The key prize in this dispute is Jerusalem, the great holy city and capital of the Israeli state. East Jerusalem, which under Obama’s concocted notion would be surrendered to Palestine. Including in this section of the city are the most sacred sites to both Jewish and Christian worshippers. Though Israel is a Jewish State, they respect the rights of other religions. Turn it over to Palestine and see what respect is shown Christians and Jews who seek to find their spirituality in their most sacred space.

That Hamas and Hezbollah, both terrorist groups, are the two main political factions within Palestine drives home what fateful dilemmas the nation of Israel deals with every day. Surrounded by factions that have pledged to their destruction, one of the most civilized, highly educated societies attempts to continue a sustainable quality of life for its citizens.

If Obama’s radical plans were forced upon them, Israel could be doomed. There is no bargaining with terrorists. What good do concessions to those who are pledged to Israel’s destruction do for the nation’s survival?

Terrorism is a day-to-day fact of life in Israel. Israel has made many concessions to Palestine while they continue to be attacked from Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza. How can the President of the United States, in good conscience continue demand Israel surrender more?


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