Friday, May 6, 2011

CRY ME A RIVER: Doesn't it figure Michael Moore is upset about Bin Laden execution...

Boo-hoo, get out the water board and give Mikey Fatso a little reality therapy. He's got his feelings hurt that our SEALS "assassinated" Bin Laden. He contends we're "better" than that. Our guys should have arrested him, put him on trial, and we could show the world how wonderful our system of justice is by being so insidiously fair to the world's lowest form of scum.

There is a sick sentiment among some elements on the left that somehow even the worst people in the world deserve respect as fellow human beings, ant they act as though they are better people by avoiding showing contempt for the absolute worst scum of the early. We should show regard for a demented villain who uses a sick notion of God and his religion as the justification for killing as many apostates or infidels, male, female, young, old -- it doesn't matter -- no shame in killing children, to fatso liberal lunatic, we afford them all the rights we'd show our own citizens. What baloney!  Showing regard for figures like Bin Laden simply reveals a mind with too much real world experience so detached from reality so thoroughly lost in an intellectual fog reveals an impaired mental state where one's rational judgment is impared for the sake of their secular humanist ideology.

We feel no remorse for removing a dead branch from a tree. We don't feel sorry for the mass of tissue that will be discarded if we have a tumor or cist removed. We certainly have no qualms about exterminating insects who'd mess up an outdoor event like a picnic. Why should we not methodically remove a wicked human presence whose only reason for being is destroying us.

Let us celebrate Bin Laden's death knowing that with enough resolve and careful preparation, the most dreadful villains on this planet can be destroyed. Let us remain resolute that there is much work to be done. There are more merchants of death who must be removed. Let us dismiss the naive stupidity figures like Michael Moore represent subjecting them to the kind of ridicule and mocking their foolishness deserves. To take them seriously dilutes the seriousness of the fight that remains to defeat the forces of world wide Jihad.

Let's face it, if Michael Moore is unhappy something good must be going on that should make us happy!!!


One should also look at the contempt and lack of respect Mouthy Maniac Moore showed George W. Bush, a decent and thoughtful man regardless of where one stands politically. Moore's comments would suggest he has more contempt for the pillars of big business, the defenders of the Capitalist system, those who have acheived great success in our society. While Moore talks the leftist talk through and through, we can't help but notice the extent to which he has avoided paying union scale wages in his productions. Ooops.

Give Michael Moore credit, however, he makes a great poster child along with Nancy Pelosi and deposed congressman, Alan Grayson, for what Left Wing Loons are all about.

Mikey, you're so wrong and so out of touch. If we wanted to make a "gotcha" film about tree huggers and union thugs, you'd be so fun to slap around: "The Michael Moore Story: Fat, Lazy, and Stupid is No Way to Get Through Life, Son" (thanks to "Animal House"), curt and to the point, "Clueless.'


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