Saturday, May 7, 2011

NASCAR's Reponse to Start and Park??

When NASCAR trots out its little giggle princess, Miss NASCAR, for a video segment on its website, the disasterous, titled NASCAR 101, one would think that the content of such a presentation must be the party line especially when she's interviewing former crew chief,current broadcaster for Fox, SpeedTV, and TNT.

Here's the presentation:

In this simple program much like a NASCAR version of SESAME STREET, McReynolds attempts to justify the practice saying none of these teams want to park their cars, but they just can't afford to run a real race. It's a success story that Landon Cassill was able to graduate to a more normal ride that doesn't park showing his talent as a qualifier. Furthermore, given that this practice has developed primarily since the economy took a dive a few years back, it's keeping crews and shops in operation avoiding layoffs. We're supposed to accept that in the context of sports?

Why don't we have football teams where teams don't wear pads and helmuts and just take a knee with each down then leave the field after going five minutes into the first quarter? What about small market baseball teams, why don't they only field one outfielder a couple infielders, play two innings and walk off the field?

In the absense of reasonable explanations, the NASCAR braintrust wants to make it seem so simple even a child can grasp the rightness of the practice. All they're doing is serving up stale baloney, and that's not very appetizing.


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