Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words, but Not Showing it Might Speak Volumes About Who We Are

America debates whether death photos of Bin Laden should be punished while Sarah Palin shoots of mouth causing severe collateral damage once again.

We applaud the Obama administration for taking the high road and not releasing photographs of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse with his brains blown out. No matter how the administration handles any aspect of the very necessary act of ridding the planet of one of history’s great villains, some will let hatred, ideology, politics and their own stupidity stand in the way of mature responsible judgment. There is little to be gained gloating over photos of the Bin Laden extermination. The vermin is gone, and we rejoice the world is ridded such scum. We don’t marvel over photos of flies we’ve swatted, why does Bin Laden deserve any more accommodation than an insect?

Naturally, one of America’s great high profile political voices with little more than insectile intellect, Sarah Palin would be quick to leap on the issue being quick to use Twitter for her mindless knee jerk rants on issues she is motivated to pop off on writing: Show photo as warning to others seeking America’s destruction. No pussy-footing around, no politicking, no drama; it’s part of the mission.”

Sarah Palin has an uncanny knack for travelling the low road and rely on smirky, immature insults regardless of the situation at hand. The notion that Palin could ever take the high road seems about as probable as a school of fish holding a bicycle race.

Almost moments after the report of Bin Laden’s death, hate merchant – fear monger, Alex Jones, the infamous 9/11 “truther,” fanatic “birther,” a dope so ridiculous to even believe that fluoride used in drinking water is being used purposely by the Chinese for sinister intent, was quick to cast doubt whether the extermination had taken place. It would have been easy to write the script for what this scum-infested media fire-breather would opine on the subject based on his past rants and tirades. Can folks start to imagine how Donald Trump the alpha-demagogue bully will state his views on this historic event?

It’s not hard to imagine that Obama’s refusal to produce the pictures as supposed proof certain of Bin Laden’s death will not produce outcries similar to his reluctance to produce his birth certificate. The usual conservative talking heads all insist that the photos should be produced. Why should we show any sensitivity those in the Islamic world who hate us anyway and would want to destroy us regardless?

This citizen is satisfied that the Navy Seals carried out their mission and that they ridded the mortal world of a damnable villain. The counter logic of conspirators is the same old crap they always produce. Under any circumstances, there will be those who question the authenticity of whatever evidence we produce or the circumstance, time, date, place, and manner of destroying the wicked corruptor of Islam and genocidal madman.

We don’t reveal the pictures because we are decent people who don’t engage in vicarious visual necrophilic fantasies. That Sean Hannity would say something as sick as “We paid to have Bin Laden killed, we deserve to see the pictures.” Some suggest we need to see the pictures to bring closure. That we treat the vilest and filthy scum to have walked the earth with a sense of human decency reflects the very goodness we possess that Bin Laden was sworn to destroy.

This is no time to particularly praise Barack Obama. He did his job. If there is a sworn enemy of the United States who killed 3000 plus Americans on the loose, it is the President’s job to see that such a debase criminal is hunted down and destroyed. Finding Bin Laden was not an easy task and certainly if the circumstances were handled properly at Tora Bora in 2001, the deed would have been done sooner. It would be a lot easier for a President to screw up such an operation than to make it happen. The correct decision was to send a special ops force to do the job, the most difficult of all options, not wiping out the compound through bombing or a well-placed cruise missile.

Being honest means we recognize the President for fulfilling an essential part of his job description. There was nothing brilliant about his decision, nothing brave, just necessary. The Navy Seals, their sacrifice, the endurance, the practice, and hard work, deserve our most profound gratitude.

We also feel it necessary to take a powerful shot at those who are playing the self-righteous mumbo jumbo game with this event. Those who suggest that our celebrating the death of Bin Laden is unjustified or uncivilized simply don’t live in a real world where there is good and evil. Those who suggest the toss or taking of ANY human life is tragic simply don’t live on this mortal plain. Those who would argue we should have done more to capture Bin Laden – that if we could have captured him, we should have taken great effort to do so live in some Pollyanna world where they simply cannot come to terms with the pure evil of killing 3000 Americans. These people aren’t taking any philosophical high road nor do they possess higher moral standards than those of us who were cheering with excitement upon the hateful bastard’s death. They are na├»ve fools who could never run a nursery school much less set the moral tone for the most powerful nation on earth.

Bin Laden’s death is one step toward winning the war on Islamic terrorism. The best picture of all is one recognizing that the real living image of Osama Bin Laden will never be seen again. May the sharks and sea creatures feast on his corpse.

The world is a better place than it was on Saturday, no matter how boldly or minutely Bin Laden’s death changes things for the better.


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