Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lies and Sleaze -- The Norm for Democrat Ads

The left-wing activist group, The Agenda Project, has stooped to a new low in political advertising, scare tactics, and pure demagoguery reached a new low creating a television ad based on absolutely false assumptions in which “America the Beautiful” is played in the background while a faceless fellow supposedly Congressman Paul Ryan wheels grand mom down a path and pushes over off the cliff.

The suggestion that seniors face hardship from the elimination of Medicare is by no means supported by any major figure in the Republican Party, but questions become more urgent to be answered regarding the program’s future and how to best meet the needs of health care for senior citizens.

The ad under consideration is just one extreme example of an avalanche of vicious false attack ads playing to the most ignorant citizens’ worst fears. They are shameful and reveal just how opportunistic, sleazy, underhanded, and incapable of reasoned debate the proponents of the left have become.

Every American with respect for rational decision making and responsible governance must condemn these tactics and hold those who these ads support responsible. The Orwellian “Big Lie” has no place in our system.

We demand Erika Payne, the Agenda Project’s boss be held accountable for such vicious sleaze.


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