Saturday, October 16, 2010

Painful Choice: The Delaware Dilemna

Christine O'Donnell, the Delaware Dullard

First of all, for the record, Christine O'Donnell, you are not me and I am not you. Good grief!!!

Whatever hopes conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party supporters, and others who are sick of what the Democratic party has done to America had that Christine O'Donnell might have more in her tank than what her first public exposure showed us, her recent debate with Chris Coons affirmed she is a total dullard with shallow convictions, little common sense, and a lack of critical thinking and applied reasoning that might put her status as the highest form of primate in question.

The choice in Delaware is between a candidate who competently represents the most radical extreme of the Democratic party despite his efforts to appear more moderate and some one who should assuredly function as an agent who will vote properly on Capitol Hill though totally incapable of articulating Delaware's interests or offering any substance to Senatorial issues. Coons will faithfully support the Obama agenda -- more bloated social programs, more sellouts to organized labor, more government control of the free market marching the American system closer to all-out Euro-Socialism, and higher taxes. That is a destructive agenda.  O'Donnell hopefully can function as a robot voting the conservative agenda  and have some good handlers who will encourage her to keep her mouth shut. Does this make her qualified to be Senator?  Hardly, but examine the consequences of the choices here.

Largely thanks to Sarah Palin stirring up a lot of her brand of idiocy and the perception that her opponent was way too status quo, Republican primary voters reacted out of anger and frustration not recognizing the consequences of their choice.

What would have been a shoe-in for the Republicans, not a real solid conservative vote, but someone who would at least count toward a Republican majority who knows Delaware and its issues, has been surrendered for such an easy target for the media and Democrats and is now deep into double digits behind.

Quite honestly, Christine O'Donnell is an easy target for our common sense too.

This election is about shutting down the Democratic majority and freezing Obama's power to accomplish anything requiring legislative support. The platform must be erected to throwout the Obama administration in 2012. Republican control of the Senate and House are priority one.

While it might tempt some not to vote or to vote for the "better guy" as there is no question Coons is far more capable than O'Donnell, the point is what real harm can O'Donnell do?  Coons is harmful.

Who can envy Delaware's choice? 

Know this, if Delaware is the state that prevents a Republican majority in the Senate, Sarah Palin must be put on notice that there will be hell to pay.

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