Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NBA Season Starts Tonight -- BIG DEAL!!

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Here it comes, the 2010-2011 NBA season with the Miami Heat opening against the Boston Celtics. This is the long awaited coming out party for LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade, three $14 million plus superstars whose big staged introduction in a lavish media event shows everything that wrong with the NBA.

What ever happened to the notion of team? Whatever happened to the majesty of Michael Jordan’s incredible game breaking plays or the kind of rivalry that made the game so intense when Larry Byrd and Magic Johnson faced off?

It’s all about punks celebrating being gangsta punks. Does anybody want his or her kids getting too interested in Kobe Bryant? Does anybody who really looks at what happened not believe he didn’t buy his way out of rape charges?

Look at what the NBA promotes to kids – unaffordable athletic shoes and video games. Exactly the wrong kind of kids whose family cannot afford them are wearing the $150 plus Nikes.

No sympathy for Cleveland losing their almost hometown star, LeBron James, what is it about Cleveland sports fans that make them such unsympathetic losers? They try to build the image of the long suffering blue collar fans but what we see from afar appear to be mostly whiners and drunks. The Indians gave them a brief stint of good baseball in the 1990’s and a couple teasers since. Aside from LeBron, what have the Cavaliers ever done? Then there’s the Cleveland Browns. Yeah, we know the Browns up through 1995 and from 1999 afterwards are supposed to be the same team, but the new Browns seem to have perfected what the old Browns were at their worst. Okay, we benefit with the Baltimore Ravens build up from the ashes of the old Browns, but what’s the bitch? We lost the Colts and nobody gave Baltimore a break. Cleveland, boo-hoo-hoo, and they were only without football long enough to replace the worst stadium in sports. Cleveland, don’t worry about the NBA? It’s becoming more like a gangsta version of the WWF anyway. Aren’t there some nice colleges in the area to follow?

So here it is, several nights a week on cable and then one the weekends on ABC later, the NBA regular season which is basically a contest for who gets to play in the real season which starts in April. More teams make the playoffs than stay home. Ah, all is not lost since a lottery, not the standings determine the #1 draft choice who can transform a mediocre team into a playoffs team.

Only the last couple rounds of the playoffs generate any real interest in the NBA product but even that’s something that needs a lot of work. The games are stretched out too long. College has it right, two 20 minute halves. The courts should be longer and wider and the hoops higher – make those athletics have to extend themselves. Stop pandering to the worst of hip-hop culture.

The NBA starts tonight – HO HUM!!!


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