Sunday, October 31, 2010

Decision Time Is Here...

If you don’t like what’s going on in government, Tuesday is your day. You must vote, vote Republican whether you consider yourself a part of the GOP or not. The alternatives are simply far too dangerous and too much is at stake.

Seldom has a midterm election been so crucial to the direction of our culture’s future. The United States remains the standard of western culture, the “free” world as it was once called. From our beginning postulated on the notion that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

With this as the basis for forming this nation, the American experiment has yielded more benefits to more citizens than any other enterprise ever attempted. Freedom of thought and action has led to bold innovation in science, technology, industry, and medicine creating an ever richer standard of living for its citizens.

The founding notions are postulated on individual freedom and responsibility, limited government, a constitutional form of government, and the rule of law evenly and justly applied.

Through out the ages, the United States has stood strong fighting all external enemies that threaten the wonder we share; however, never before has the goodness and health of our remarkable system been so threatened as it is today, but what’s striking today, while we do face incalculable harm from Islamic terrorist, our greatest enemy lies within. Our greatest enemy is represented by the hateful current President of the United States, a man who has spent his entire life dedicated to destroying and transforming the American way of life allying himself with representatives of some of the greatest enemy philosophies our country has ever faced – in large measure the same philosophy and approach to government our nation fought in the “Cold War” since the end of World War II through the 1980’s.

Barack Hussein Obama represents the forces of the collective – that those of superior power should mandate who needs what and who gets what. The state should determine how much wealth a person should be allowed to amass. The state will cease those assets it deems excessive and redistribute them to those who it deems will best serve their political purposes rewarding.

Our republic was founded in part by revulsion against excessive taxation and little say so in how the state spent the capital it seized from taxation. In less than two years, the Obama administration has spent trillions to extend the reach of government far beyond that which the economy can sustain with the government’s seizure of control of the nation’s medical system as the key foundation of its extreme acquisition of power that had belonged to the citizens and the private sector. While there is no arguing the current medical system needs reform, the “Obama-Care” approach dealt more with control, funding, and reducing options than it did doing anything substantial to help most citizens obtain more cost effective quality care. More than anything the system is ultimately designed to create a system that rewards members of the public sector and labor unions at the expense of the rest of the population.

The trillions of dollars spent serve only very limited segments of the population rewarding those factions who help spread and deepen a socialist approach to governance while punishing the rest particularly those who have taken the risk to start businesses, amass capital and grow the private sectors. The primary beneficiaries are trade union members whose leadership has run some of the nation’s proudest industries into disappearing or moving over seas. Meanwhile, the growth of unnecessary public sector employment contributing nothing substantial to the economy grows by leaps and bounds.

Our enemy is a political system that creates levels of entitlement at the expense of personal achievement.

Further, what could be more symbolic of destroying a forward looking system than the destruction of the manned space program – something that has been a small portion of the Federal budget that helps extend the reaches of learning and technology?

Obama and his allies seek at every opportunity to factionalize the nation into conflicting victim groups escalating a false perception of haves and have not’s in an effort to build power out of escalating a sense of class warfare. Those who’ve worked the hardest to benefit our society, create capital and jobs are villainized as the hateful, greedy rich. Corporations are cited as likewise full of greed, corruption, and indifference to the public at large.

Meanwhile, the Obama regime has significantly reduced America’s prestige over seas agreeing with the rhetoric of the old Communist block and radical Islamic forces that the American system is the greatest threat to the rest of the world when in fact we are the country that feeds the hungry, treats the sick, and opens the doors of opportunity for the rest of the world.

Maryland is often called America in miniature and if the nation wants to see where the Democratic Party can lead things, the once called “Free State” provides a model of what single party hegemony creates. No one better demonstrates the Saul Allinsky radical approach for radical rule than Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley who clearly believes that the ends justify the means. In his first term as governor, he has helped implement the largest tax increase in Maryland history and pursued policies that continue to further alienate business from operating in Maryland seeing Maryland businesses close or leave the state. The additional tax on wealth has driven a substantial percentage of the state’s millionaires to move to lower taxed states. The net effect is what the O’Malley regime calculated its increased taxes would bring instead created a loss of double that amount. It’s better to have lots of millionaires paying their fair share in taxes rather than sticking it to them, having them leave and get nothing.

The O’Malley campaign against Bob Ehrlich has been one of the most vicious and dishonest campaigns ever waged. O’Malley’s assertions are that Ehrlich is the dishonest one and that Ehrlich should be distrusted for raising taxes when in truth while some tolls and fees did increase, the Maryland governor is required by law to balance the budget, those increases were initiated by the corrupt and inept Glendenning administration. Of course, the O’Malley propagandists take the assertion that Ehrlich might reduce some of the state’s bloated education budget into a hysteric claim that teachers would get fired right and left. It is little wonder that the former head of the Maryland teachers’ union would be employed by the O’Malley regime, and yes, the union should have much to be concerned about with an Ehrlich administration that would pursue legitimate reform, greater accountability of schools to their communities, redefining tenure, and working toward performance based teacher compensation.

It is essential that every concerned voter vote Republican. Do not waste votes on Libertarians or Constitutionalists. A vote for one of these entities is truly a vote for the Democrats as it denies votes to the opposition capable of unseating their treachery. Voters cannot vote on the basis of personality or charisma. What’s most important is how they will vote on Capitol Hill. Will the candidate vote to approve or deny the Obama push for socialism?

Those responsible for providing weak candidates the Democrats could easily defeat over those who could carry important state elections must be held responsible once this election is over, but in the meantime, if it means voting for Christine O’Donnell in Delaware for senate, that’s the kind of tough decision voters must make to arrest the tide of advancing government intrusion from the polluted tide of wicked ideology pursued by today’s Democratic party.

The choice is painfully obvious, vote Republican on Tuesday, November 2nd, then starting immediately on November 3rd, hold those responsible for advancing the free enterprise, limited government agenda responsible for results. Those who have loused up the process like Sarah Palin will have to stand for their unwarranted involvement in the process.


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