Friday, October 22, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 7

The 2010 NFL season moves through the bye period with still no clear front runners emerging, a lot of so-so teams, and some pure stinkers, some of whom go head-to-head this week.

The big story this week was getting tough on helmet to helmet contact or any kind of helmet generated contact. Is this a necessary safety precaution or sanitizing the game to pure boredom. We’ll err on the side of safety.

The trading deadline passed with no big impact transactions.

Buffalo at Baltimore, -13 ½
As long as the Ravens take the game seriously, the Bills will be annihilated.

Washington at Chicago, 2 ½
Here are two erratic teams facing off with their position in the standings higher than expectations. The Bears have the slight edge.

Jacksonville at Kansas City (pick ‘em)
Kansas City exceeds expectations while Jacksonville has only shown flashes of power so far this year. KC wins.

Philadelphia at Tennessee, -3
Philadelphia is healthier and should edge the Titans.

Cleveland at New Orleans, -13
Whatever has plagued the defending Champs won’t be evident this weekend as the Browns will get a royal whipping in the Big Easy.

Cincinnati at Atlanta, -3 ½
If the Bengals ever get it together, they could be dangerous, but the travelling comedy troop will not prevail against the no nonsense Falcons.

Pittsburgh, -3 at Miami
We’d love to pick the upset here, but Pittsburgh’s the better team.

San Francisco, -3 at Carolina
Here’s a real toilet bowl this week. The tendency picking between two terrible teams would be to go with Carolina playing at home rested after the bye, but Carolina has nothing to rest. They are a terrible team awaiting being dismantle. The “Niners” have shown sparks of fight. Go with San Francisco.

St. Louis at Seattle, -6
The Seahawks are one team showing a little more than expected this year. They should handle the Rams.

New England at San Diego, -2 ½
Forget about the Patriots perhaps being a little weaker this year and having to travel to the furthest distance from home cross country, the Chargers have shown nothing so far this year. For known as slow starters, facing New England is no way to get started.

Oakland at Denver, -8
A great week for the Ponies to feel good about themselves. They’ll trot to victory.

Minnesota at Green Bay, 2 ½
These were supposed to be two playoff bound teams. What happened? Unless Randy Moss gets the Favre offense moving, the banged up Packers win.

New York Giants at Dallas, -3
How can Dallas keep getting the odds for these games when they have proven nothing yet this year? What have they learned after losing to Minnesota that shows they’re ready to win? Now it’s the owner trying to pump up the troops. Wade Phillips is simply not providing any motivation or leadership. It’s amazing the impetuous Jerry Jones hasn’t fired the ineffective couch long ago. The spirit in Dallas will be angry and grumbling while the baseball team attempts to knock the Yankees out in baseball.


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