Thursday, October 21, 2010

Martin O'Malley -- Loathesome Lying Weasel

As low as they go...

God Damned Lies

Martin O’Malley is a scumbag of the lowest order, so it’s little wonder that the ads directed toward his opponent, Bob Ehrlich, are full of misleading statements and damnable lies.

First, the assertion is about Bob Ehrlich substantially raising taxes, BALONEY! The ad cites property taxes which are set by individual counties.

Another assertion is that Bob Ehrlich worked for banks and somehow that these banks that received bailout money did so thanks to Ehrlich’s designs and that implication was he benefitted as such. MORE BALONEY!!! Ehrlich worked for a law firm which REPRESENTED some banks. At the instance of the Federal government managing the TARP program, both needy banks and profitable banks were loaned tarp money. This would be between the Federal government and the bank’s management.

Maryland is required by law to balance its budget. Yes, some fees were raised under Ehrlich’s administration but at large, he lowered taxes.

The cold hard truth is less than 9 months after taking office, Martin O’Malley called a special session of the legislature to create the largest tax increase in Maryland history which raised every citizens’ taxes from many paying more income taxes and everyone paying more sales tax with the percentage going from 5% to 6% and being applied to more commodities.

Additionally, significantly raising income tax on higher income Maryland residents was significant enough that many of Maryland’s biggest tax payers have moved out of state causing Maryland to lose twice as much money in tax receipts than it projected it would receive from the additional money they expected to receive. By adding FOUR more brackets, one out of eight Marylanders filing income tax were no longer on Maryland tax rolls having left to greener pastures elsewhere.

Meanwhile, middle-class Marylanders are relocating to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia to avoid Maryland taxes while businesses leave or shut down further destroying Maryland’s economy.

Currently, Martin O’Malley appears to be leading in his quest to retain the State House. In the past four years he has robbed and plundered the state. If he wins, it will largely because he was successful in getting Marylanders to believe gross lies about a most honorable public servant, Bob Ehrlich destroying his character and integrity in vicious false ads.

Martin O’Malley should be universally damned for his tactics. Politicians don’t come much sleazier than Martin O’Malley. Where did Marylanders' money go, Martin?  It's not like anything has gotten better. Never before has this wonderful state been such a dump!

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