Saturday, October 2, 2010

California Governor's Race: The Fix is "ALLRED"

Enough of the “undocumented workers” or “undocumented residents” bullshit. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Their presence in the United States is in defiance of law. They are here at their own risk. They are not citizens. The do not deserve the benefits of citizenship. They are subject to the law at any time.

If anything could rally those who demand immigration enforcement and reform, it’s the cynical stunt staged by activist lawyer, Gloria Allred on the behalf of the Jerry Brown Gubernatorial campaign alleging that his Republican counterpart, Meg Whitman.

The Whitman family worked through what was supposed to be a legitimate agency to find a house care worker, Nicky Diaz Santillan. In all too typical fashion, Senora Santillan had obtained all the usual forged identification documents to obtain employment. Does that make her a “fraudulently documented worker?” In 2003, the Social Security Administration sent the Whitman’s a letter to alert them that the SSN for their employee didn’t match up to their records. Mr. Whitman wrote some notes on it and handed it off to Senora Santillan to follow up on apparently thinking it to be only a clerical matter. Early last year, the Whitman’s terminated Santillan’s employment when aware she was illegal. Ironically, the letter sent by SSA informed them taking any action against an employee on the basis of the letter was ILLEGAL.

What took place was nothing less than one of the most grotesque political setups we’ve seen recently adding to the long list of filthy, desperate measures the Democratic party has no moral judgment to avoid – consider the stunt Alan Grayson pulled editing Daniel Webster’s video to create an ad accusing his Christian beliefs to be inline with the Taliban. That Gloria Allred would come forward when she did screamed “FIX” from the onset.

Gloria Allred is one of the most dangerous people in the country who enlist cases for their publicity value not for any kind of true legal sensitivity. The cases she represents are ones that support her far-left wing activist point of view, radical feminism, or provide high profile publicity to get the ultimate bitch goddess face time on celebrity and news programs as a platform for her grievances and political agenda. As such, it is little wonder that she would take aim at Meg Whitman, a brilliant corporate executive noted for innovation, effective management and problem solving. She is a long-time associate of Jerry Brown, known as Governor Moonbeam during his first stint as governor. Brown has zero management skill and is all about ideology and agendas all of which empower activist legal intervention.

Making the fix even more apparent, within minutes of Allred going public on her representation of Senora Santillan, the SEIU had attack ads on the air going after Whitman incorporating this event into an attack on her stance on immigration. Further, it was just a couple days before a debate between the two candidates to be covered on UNIVISION, a national Hispanic network.

While a huge tide is building to flush the Democratic crap out of office on November 2nd, all those who oppose their dangerous policies can’t help but be a little nervous what kind of vicious October surprises might lie ahead. The Democrats consistently are prepared to do anything they can under the notion that the ends justify the means. Destroying fine Americans’ reputation and integrity through vicious character assassinations and innuendos are common place in just about every race. They’ll even turn things around and accuse Republicans of doing the same when they stick to the issues, publicize their Democratic rivals’ votes and positions while saying almost nothing about them as personalities. That’s far game.

Meanwhile, as long as Barack Obama is President, all Americans interested in the rule of law and justice guiding the issues involved with illegal immigration must be very concerned. Obama is guided by both the worst kind of political considerations seeking to make people who don’t belong in America voters while adhering to his Anti-American vision that our country’s attempt to secure its borders amounts to some kind of Yankee elitism.

We must fight all politicians who do not have their priorities straight on these issues and further condemn the kind of mean-spirited evil tactics the Democrats are employing to maintain their cynical, self-serving grasp on power.


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