Sunday, October 3, 2010

MLB 2010 -- What's at Stake on the Last Day of the Regular Season

It all comes down to the last day.

In the American League, the winner of the American League East and the Wild Card depends on Sunday’s games. If the Yankees win and the Rays lose, the Yankees win the division and the Rays are the Wild Card. If the Yankees lose and the Rays win, both teams win, or both teams lose, Tampa wins the division and the Yankees take the Wild Card.

The National League is more wide open. First the American League West needs to be determined. The contestants are playing head to head. Atlanta is in the chase for the Wild Card. If the Padres and Braves win, the Giants would travel to San Diego for a one game playoff to determine the division. The loser would go to Atlanta on Tuesday to play for the Wild Card.

If the Padres win and the Braves lose, there would be no playoff.

If the Giants and Braves win, there would be no playoff.

Finally, if the Padres and Braves both lose, the Padres would go to Atlanta for a playoff to settle the Wild Card.

Got it?

Play ball!!!


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