Sunday, October 24, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 7 -- Close Doesn't Count

Close doesn’t matter, got it? This is NFL football. The Ravens WON!!! It might have been by just one point but the Steelers beat the Dolphins. There were so many things about where the football landed in the New England/San Diego game that where an inch here or four inches there, the results would have been the reverse, but San Diego, the might Chargers are a miserable 2-5. Two things matter in football. Did your team win? Did they get away without any serious injuries? The rest of the stuff doesn’t matter. I will not spill any tears because a game screwed up someone’s fantasy picks or that a team didn’t cover the spread cost someone else five bucks in his office pool. What matters tonight in Crab Town is that the Ravens need to win a game when Pittsburgh loses to take the lead in the division. It’s too soon to talk about home field advantage possibilities.

The Redskins know close too. Here’s a team that has so often seemed close to disaster. How many games have they had decided by a field goal or less? They’re darned close to first place. If the hated Cowboys beat the New York Giants tomorrow night, they’ll own a piece of first place.

Something else is close – most likely the end of some coaches jobs. Look at the teams that were expected to do well that are struggling: Cincinnati and San Diego in the NFC. What about Dallas and Carolina in the NFC? Tick-tick-tick-tick, no matter how much Jerry Jones gives Wade Phillips votes of confidence for the Cowboys, the guy is an ineffective oaf, but let us get serious, Tony Romo’s gig as a matinee idol should be over too. How can he impress anyone as a true top notch NFL QB? Think of all the bragging coming from Cincinnati yet how much can Marvin Lewis to with a bunch of babies, criminals, ego-maniacs, and under achievers? San Diego was atop the AFC West on just about every fan’s picks for this season, but where are these guys showing anything? Nice guy Norv is probably hearing the tick-tick-tick too. Carolina won today. Happy days are in Charlotte again? Not really. The team they beat, San Francisco has only one win and they were almost unanimous picks to win the NFC West. Might a restless owner can Mike Singletary? Under the cover of bye’s and the World Series as Halloween approaches is often when the ax falls.

Bring on Bret Favre’s performance in Green Bay tonight. If he can’t support the running game punctuated with some passing drives with Randy Moss, he’s toast. Tomorrow, the New York Giants head to Dallas to tangle with the Cowboys. The Jones Boys better hope that they can round up a little of the “beat New York” mojo that took place a couple blocks away sending the Rangers to the World Series. Does anybody still think when the NFL holds its version of the World Series, the Super Bowl in Dallas, the Cowboys will still be around?

It’s doubtful but consider it impossible if the Dallas falls to the Giants (oops there are Giants playing in the World Series too) tomorrow night.


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