Thursday, October 14, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 6

NFL Week 6 features two high impact games and a couple others which present interesting scenarios. What is most interesting is that no teams truly look dominiant yetyt, though there are a few that look very strong. If parity is the NFL’s goal, aside from the winless teams, this year fulfills that vision.

Baltimore at New England could have post season implications. If the Ravens win, they will have mastered three of the toughest AFC teams on their home fields: the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots. The Ravens were the first team to master the Patriots in Foxboro in the post season. The last time they played, Baltimore thumped New England. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots offense adjusts after undergoing a moss removal procedure.

The Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota is the other big game for different reasons. Both teams had designs on the Super Bowl, but 2010 has started out miserably for both teams enter play with 1-3 records and have looked horrible at times. Randy Moss was added last week to beef up Minnesota’s horrible offense. Penalties, lack of focus, and just plain uninspired sloppy play have done in Dallas. Brett Favre looks terrible. His passes miss the mark, his timing is off, his interceptions are way up. His decision to return this year, in hindsight, looks embarrassing. For Dallas, Tony Romo must be the most overhyped QB in recent history. What has he ever done that’s so significant other than bagging media darling, Jessica Simpson, for awhile. WOO-HOO. Wade Phillips is not an effective head coach. He’s living up to his reputation as a nice guy oaf, a likeable gent who can’t get things done.

The teams on Lake Erie are looking quite dreary: Detroit 1-4, Cleveland 1-4, and Buffalo 0-5. Carolina is 0-5, the most outfoxed team in the league. San Francisco is winless. They were predicted so overwhelmingly to top the miserable NFC West. So which coaches won’t finish the season? It’s hard to believe a meddlesome owner like Jerry Jones is still singing Tammy Wynette, “Stand By Your Man.” When will the hounds nab the Fox in Carolina? Man-Genius once again looks like Man-Dumdum in Cleveland. While Mike Singletary was a heroic player and is a great quote machine, can he coach?

Here’s the games. Make your picks.

Baltimore @ New England -2 ½
The Ravens will continue cleaning up New England yanking out the fungus, yeast, and other pathogens after the Patriots had already gotten rid of their Moss infestation.

Atlanta @ Philadelphia -2 ½
The dog killer faces his old pooches. But Atlanta should prevail and be wagging its tail.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh -13 ½
Big Ben is back and that spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the Browns.

Seattle @ Chicago -6 ½
Chicago is by far the weakest of teams with only one loss, but they’re still good enough to thump the Seahawks.

Miami @ Green Bay (pick ‘em)
Neither team has really shown what it’s expected to do yet, but in cheese and beer country, the Packers should stuff the fish.

Detroit @ New York Giants -10
Poor Detroit. They are much improved from their winless season but they still suck.

New Orleans -4.5 @ Tampa Bay
New Orleans better sober up and get over its Super Bowl hanger over or else the upstart Tampa Bay Bucs could pull the upset.

San Diego -8 @ St. Louis
It’s doubtful the Bolts will look like underachievers versus St. Louis.

Kansas City @ Houston -4 ½
Kansas City is beginning to settle back into reality after their powerful start. Houston should prevail. If KC wins this one, start taking them more seriously.

Oakland @ San Francisco -6 ½
The Battle for San Francisco Bay sure doesn’t mean what it used to. If the 49ers don’t take it to the Black and Silver, things will get beyond ugly at the old Candlestick.

New York Jets -3 @ Denver
After getting their arses handed to them by the Ravens, gee whiz, now the Broncos get to face the Jets defense. Bronco burger will be on the menu.

Dallas @ Minnesota -1 ½
It hurts to pick between two teams that have a talent for inventing ways too lose. It’s turnover prone Minnesota versus penalty prone Dallas. This might be nebulous grounds for making a pick, but Minnesota seems to have more heart and character than the pretty boys from the great palace in Texas.

Indianapolis -3 @ Washington
Here’s a game that will determine how much the Colts have in them this year. They should dominate DC. If they don’t the Payton Patrol will not be resting easily going into their bye and then coming back to host Houston. Indy needs a good performance.

Tennessee -3 @ Jacksonville
This game will make sure the NFC South won’t have four teams tied after completing week 6. This is a very tough pick but the Titans have the edge on talent.

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