Thursday, October 7, 2010

MLB 2010: American League Divisional Round -- That Sinking Feeling

The hard reality of a five game wild card series, destruction happens so fast. Consider the plight of both the Minnesota Twins and Tampa Bay Rays. Both teams had home field advantage, two games before their loving fans to attempt to gain the advantage. Both teams lost their first two games, and now must not only win three straight but do so having to conquer the next two on enemy territory.

The blow must be especially painful for Tampa Bay Ray fans knowing as a small market club with dreadful attendance and limited media clout, some key players like Carl Crawford may have played their last game before the hometown crowd. If one thinks of the miserable home attendance during the regular season, it's no big deal. However, to see a team that has made the post season two out of the last three years going up against the Yankees and Red Sox to do so that they could be a weaker and less interesting team next year is a shame.

The future could be much brigher for the Twins in a weaker division, a lovely new ballpark, and some of their core nucleas players signed to long contracts.

It's not over yet, but the fat lady is tuning up.

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