Sunday, October 10, 2010

False Accusations Concerning Funding & the Obama Creed: If the Truth Hurts, LIE!!!

Barack Obama is a shameless liar. The issue this time involve charges that campaign ads run by the US Chamber of Commerce for Republican Candidates are being funded by foreign interests. Such comments were pronounced by the President when campaigning for the mercurial gubernatorial candidate, Martin O’Malley, in Maryland.

The President told the crowd, “So groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence American elections, and they won't tell you where the money for their ads come from..” Political dirty pool, in American justice the burden of proof is on the accuser; however, in the hands of greedy dishonest politicians, the game is played just the opposite to attempt to muddy the public’s opinion of a candidate who seemingly has done something wrong and thus would be expected to clarify the issue with the proper statement. Case in point, examine the cynical stunt employed against California’s Republican candidate for governor, Meg Whitman, by agenda driven, media hog lawyer, Gloria Allred in support of Jerry Brown’s campaign regarding issues surrounding an illegal alien employed by the Whitman family employed through a legit employment agency who obtained employment through presenting false documentation. Whitman was setup and screwed by Allred, yet the stunt moved the polls at least five points in Brown’s favor.

The Bible for political action for Democrat campaigns is clearly Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals where the ends always justify the means and the personal destruction of opponents is but one tactic in pursuit of such ends. Alinsky’s work has been the backbone of Obama’s strategizing since his community organizing work in Chicago.

That Barack Obama is so adverse to the Chamber of Commerce continues to support just how radical he is. The Chamber is a pro-business group that promotes programs and policies beneficial to economic growth. They are not a partisan group, but generally support Republicans whose positions are more advantageous to free enterprise. That Obama has a long record of going right after the organization and demonizing them in his speeches reinforces just how hostile Obama is to the commercial interests of our country as if profits and commercial growth are wicked goals. In fact, they are the basis for a growing and expanding economy. Is it any wonder the economy is so weak right now and business is so reluctant to pump up their activity?

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