Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Foreign Money in Elections -- George Soros funds Currently Promoting Boycott of Target on Dishonest Pretenses


The extent to which the Democratic Party and its attack dogs will go to destroy its opposition including those who support opposition Republican candidates knows no limits. Character assassination, false accusations, and outright lies are all considered fair game by a party in the grip of radical left-wing socialists, labor unions, and other grievance oriented special interest groups. This time the target is Target.

Target is one of the nation’s largest retailers headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the store has largely avoided the kind of attacks from the left that have been their stock-in-trade against Walmart for years. Target’s respects for alternative lifestyles and hiring practices have often been singled out for praise as a leader in business.

All that has changed in the current election cycle. The prime instigator, the George Soros funded radical hate group,, one of the slimiest despicable radical groups that provides huge funding sources for Democratic candidates who tow the far left line. They accuse Target of trying to buy the Minnesota Governor’s Election.

Target’s alleged crime is its $150,000 donation to Minnesota Forward, a group which has provided support to Minnesota gubernatorial candidate, Tom Emmer, considered by the radical left to be a rightwing extremist – his most noteworthy position being against Gay Marriage. (Wait, haven’t Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton announced their stand against such?) Emmer is also decidedly anti-abortion. An examination of his stance on the issues would show him showing a pretty typical Republican profile.

Once again, just like the accusation Obama and company are directing at the Chamber of Commerce, the basis of the Target issue is based on bold lies. Target is not financing Tom Emmer’s election. They donated to Minnesota Forward who supports pro-business candidates of both parties. Their ad in support of Emmer has nothing to do with social issues but is all about tax and financial policies.

The ad opens with, “Target and other big corporations are trying to buy our elections. (Response chant: We don’t like that!) See for yourself:!

Here’s a link to his “issues” from his campaign site – pretty standard GOP concepts.’s intention is to bring Target to its knees creating its President/CEO as a villain and putting the company on notice what the consequences of exercising its political freedom can be for supporting candidates they find abhorrent.

Among their activities, a campaign to boycott target, piles of petitions denouncing their position, demonstrations at Target Headquarters and Minnesota Target stores, and a media blitz to blackball the venerated retailer.

As if lying isn’t filthy enough, the tactics is employing is a genuine threat to open and honest elections. They attempt to make themselves so lethal that folks with legitimate desires to be politically active could very well think twice for not wanting to be publicly humiliated. If corporate executives cannot support groups that advocate their well-being, the results are obvious. The more groups like succeed the more emboldened they will become. We cannot let fear brought on by goon squads and shrill radical activists make us think twice about exercising our political rights and speak out on issues as our values guide us to do.

If well-meaning American citizens should be upset about foreign money in our elections, this issue provides us our “target.” The target is The foreign source of money is George Soros. We must balance out his treachery.

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