Friday, October 8, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 5

This week marks the beginning of the second quarter or the end of the first quarter for the four teams that had byes last week, and so far as week published earlier, this is the year of parity. Only Kansas City, who had a bye last week, is undefeated, but that distinction should end with a thud this week.

Having been mostly on his best behavior since playing for New England, how quickly wide receiver, Randy Moss, fell out of favor. He made some comments that don’t fly in the land of the Belichick boys and returns to Minnesota to be Brett Favre’s best friend. Obviously, Minnesota needed help in its passing game. Moss suddenly makes their aged quarterback frightening once again. How much of a difference he’ll make when the Vikings play the New York Jets Monday night is hard to say. Meanwhile, the Patriots have a bye to reinvent their offense. Will Wes Welker be a lesser player without Moss on the field to tie up defenders?

The following teams have byes this week: Pittsburgh, Miami, New England, and Seattle

Here are the matchups and our choices:

Denver @ Baltimore, -7

The Ravens secondary was a huge concern at the start of the season but have played well so far. Denver has had the best passing attack so far this year. This will be the Ravens big test in that department. However, the Ravens have plenty of other tricks to beat the Broncos.

Green Bay, 2 ½ @ Washington

The Redskins joys will be short-lived as Green Bay is one of the real first rate teams in the NFC. The Redskins are overmatched.

Chicago @ Carolina, -2

With Jay Cutler out and backup Todd Collins nursing a sore neck, the Bears will have their hands full trying to keep the Panthers winless. Carolina should squeak out the win.

Tampa Bay @ Cincinnati, 6 ½

The Bengals must get it together and should do so playing Tampa at home. Their loss to Cleveland hurt them badly. No time for show time from Ocho and T.O.

St. Louis @ Detroit, -3

Can you believe it, Detroit is favored! Granted a field goal for the home team is a Vegas custom, but still it’s hard to imagine. St. Louis won two games so far this year. Playing with a backup quarterback, how can Detroit beat St. Louis?

Atlanta, -3 at Cleveland

Cleveland showed they can be taken for granted. Still Atlanta should brown and serve the dogs.

Kansas City at Indianapolis, -7

Payton Manning’s not happy. The Colts are just 2-2. KC’s undefeated season will end.

New York Giants @ Houston, -3

The Giants are a tough team to follow. The can explode and look brilliant then fall apart. Houston is an up and coming team that should hold on for the win at home.

Jacksonville @ Buffalo, -1

Jacksonville beat the Colts. No way they lose to Buffalo.

New Orleans, -7 @ Arizona

Looking at the talent depleted Cardinals, I guess all one could say is “it could be worse.” The Saints will dominate convincingly.

Tennessee at Dallas, -7

Dallas should win this one, but if you like choosing upsets, this might be the game.

San Diego, -6 ½ @ Oakland

San Diego’s just getting warmed up. That’s too bad for the Raiders.

Philadelphia @ San Francisco, -3

Though the 49ers are winless, they’ve played it close. Philadelphia’s pretty beat up after getting smacked around by the Redskins. San Francisco wins. How ironic it is that on this same date, their two baseball teams could be advancing to the second round of the playoffs. In that matchup, Philadelphia wins!

Minnesota @ New York Jets, -4

The Vikings now have Randy Moss, but he’s probably too little too late to standup against the bone crushing Jets defense who has seen Moss a few times before. The sands are dripping through the hour glass for the Vikings.


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