Friday, October 15, 2010

MLB 2010 -- Yankees and Phillies Should Win and Face World Series Rematch

ALCS: Game One – New York Yankees vs. Texas Rangers, Friday, 10/15/10, TBS
NLCS: Game One – San Francisco Giants ant Philadelphia Phillies, Saturday, 10/16/10, FOX

The 2010 Baseball Season is down to its final four as the Texas Rangers prepare to host the New York Yankees for the American League pennant, while the Philadelphia Phillies host the San Francisco Giants for the National League.

The Yankees and Rangers played to a draw in regular season competition. Much of the Rangers’ hopes will rest on Cliff Lee while the Yankees will need great work from Lee’s former Cleveland teammate C.C. Sabathia. The Yankees are deeper than the Rangers are and should have the edge. This is the first team the Rangers, who entered baseball in 1962 as the Washington Senators, have advanced in the post season. They are one of three teams never to participate in the World Series.

The Philadelphia Phillies are almost certain to win the National League for their third consecutive trip to the World Series. While the Giants and Phillies both have the highest level #1 one starters in Tim Linceum for the Giants and Roy Halladay, who no-hit Cincinnati, the National League’s hottest offense in the NLDS, what the Phillies have for their 2nd and 3rd starters surpasses any other team in baseball’s rotation. Consider how brilliantly they finished off the Reds and see what the Giants have ahead of them. With Roy Oswalt, acquired from Houston, and Brad Lidge, the ace of their 2008 campaign, the adage of “good pitching stops good hitting” should hold true especially given the Giants do not have a particularly strong offense.

The 2010 World Series should be a repeat of last year’s contenders, but with Philadelphia having home field advantage this year and their two additions to the rotation, the Phillies should have the edge over the Yankees to win their second championship in three years.


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