Sunday, October 10, 2010

Muslim Holidays -- School Closed! COME ON NOW!!!

Where else but Cambridge Massachusetts, home of Harvard University, would come up with something so TOTALLY unnecessary. Starting next year, Cambridge public schools will close for Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan. What next days off for Rastafarians?

Okay, the ACLU will have a field day celebrating this and brow-beating people like me who see the United States as primarily a Judeo-Christian culture -- we are what we are and shouldn't be ashamed of it.

The current among the left-wing elite is over flowing with an apologetic outlook toward Islam as if our culture has brutally oppressed theirs?

Hardly, take a look at how the Soviet Union messed with them during the Cold War.

These are the same elites who find the smallest little bit of behavior to be sexist if committed by "normal" Americans but keep their yaps shut about the injusitices against women -- perhaps bordering on genocide against females and non-believers.

We don't need to encourage a "religion" that cloaks such behavior. The so-called moderate Muslims silence speaks volumns. Surely, they can't all be afraid of getting killed by radical Islamic hit men.

Here are more details on what's going on in Cambridge, Massachusetts.



yamamanama said...

Do you want to know what burns my ass? That we have to have you people from Maryland or Texas or Alaska or whatever interfering in our affairs and throwing their balls into our elections, while giving that spiel about states rights and shit.

Right Minded Fellow said...

If you are experiencing rectal discomfort, there are some fine ointments that might sooth your discomfort, and if you're over 40, a colonoscopy is surely advisable.

If you would examine the text of this posting, it is commentary about a trend in society. We are throwing nothing into your elections. One exhibiting this level of hostility probably doesn't earn a good nerf ball.

I generally won't dignify comments with obscenity contained within; however, it's often illustrative to post responses that show those who disagree with this blog's assertions are more interested in being insulting, talking dirty, and not coming up with any kind of counter argument other than to say in not so many words, you disagree.