Friday, October 29, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 8: Bye Bye Week

NFL Week 8

Somehow when a fan’s team is in its bye week, all the rest of the games seem so insignificant unless there are some classic matchups, but this week is one of the big bye weekends with six teams out. Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, the New York Giants, and Philadelphia all have the week off. Surely, the New York Giants have a week to savor smacking Dallas silly while the Ravens have to be wondering how the lowly Bills could take them to overtime.

This is also the week where two teams head across to London’s Wembley Stadium. This year Denver and San Francisco, two true underachievers also banged up pretty badly, draw the honors to enjoy the liver pudding, crumpets, and tea. Well, bloody cheerio to all that rot and then some!!!

Washington @ Detroit (-2 ½)
So how does a team with just one win get the favor over a team that’s 4-3? The Redskins have a great opportunity to make the Vegas bookies look stupid. Come on Redskins, show something!

Denver vs. San Francisco (-1) @ Wembley Stadium, London
Former Ohio State standout and Ravens bench jockey, Troy Smith starts for San Francisco and should have enough dance moves to outdo Dallas’s defense. Is it time for Denver to perhaps bring Tim Tebow in for a battle of Heisman Trophy QB’s?

Buffalo @ Kansas City (-7 ½)
Buffalo showed at least on one glorious Sunday they can score a lot of points, but they probably used up all the boost from its bye week last week. Kansas City continues its comeback season.

Carolina @ St. Louis (-3)
Well somebody’s got to win this game. Carolina is so darned awful, St. Louis at least seems to be turning in the right direction while the Panthers continue freefalling.

Green Bay @ New York Jets (-8)
Green Bay looks all used up while the Jets are just having a fun old time.

Miami @ Cincinnati (-2)
How can anyone speak of Cincinnati without pile of “if’s.” If this traveling fruitcake show of thieves, criminals, and clowns would play seriously, they could beat almost anybody, but unless Miami is able to rattle Carson Palmer early, it’s the Bengals game to win.

Jacksonville @ Dallas (-6 ½)
If Jacksonville wants to salvage the season, smacking Dallas would surely give them something to get happy about. Dallas with their matinee idol QB sidelined doesn’t have much to go with. It’s time for Jacksonville to kick a team when it’s down and further throw the Dallas circus into a bunch of lousy freak shows.

Tennessee @ San Diego (-3 ½)
We’re picking against the bookies on this one. Okay, San Diego’s a slow starter, but this is Week 8. Where is it Norv Turner? The Titans should find a way to pull this one out.

Tampa @ Arizona (-3)
It’s a falling off year for Arizona but they are still better than Tampa.

Minnesota @ New England (-6)
The question in the air is if this is where Brett Favre’s long “Iron Man” streak finally ends. The man is hurting and is a shadow of himself last year. New England is a team that knows how to clobber a team when its down. No contest – New England wins.

Seattle @ Oakland (-2)
Tim Carroll’s gang should edge Oakland, a team that might be still be gloating after what they did to Denver last week.

Pittsburgh @ New Orleans (-1)
Last season’s Super Bowl win will increasingly be a distant memory as the Steelers will rattle the Saints and head back up stream with a win.

Houston @ Indianapolis (-5 ½)
If Houston wins this one, it will serve as a changing of the guard to some extent in the AFC South. Indy is not the tough team they’ve been in recent years, but they’re still the best team in their conference. They’re certainly tough enough to beat the Texans at home.


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