Thursday, July 22, 2010

USDA Employee's Prompt Dismissal and the Media Racial Frenzy

We must all pause to consider the extent to which Barack Obama, his politics, and his supporters are keeping decent Americans at each others' throats...
We pulled our posting on the Shirley Sherrod posting. While she certainly harbors some values and beliefs we find abhorrent, her prompt dismissal by the Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was an example of politically motivated railroading if there ever was one. The initial posting widely circulated was a snippet taken out of context perhaps using the same “gotcha’ technique the democrats and its supportive members of the media resort to way too often for the sake of character assassination.

For good measure, we did not source our posting based on Brietbart or Fox News. While we find their regular news coverage is generally quite acceptable on an issue like this, we felt another source not as actively involved in some current issues involving the NAACP, race, and manipulation by the Obama administration would be helpful. We used The Christian Science Monitor.

The video was produced and owned by an Atlanta chapter of the NAACP.

All this reveals some very troubling issues. On this issue, could perhaps Fox News or Brietbart be guilty of jumping too fast without doing sufficient “due diligence” on this story? Absolutely, this is the consequence of the 24 hour news cycle where news sources are so quick to get stories out perhaps some need to age a little for being dead on sure the story is presented in the right context.

In recent days, we’ve seen the NAACP use race as a wedge to attempt to destroy the Tea party movement demanding they make public statements denouncing racism among their ranks. Media reports of true tea party members exhibiting racist conduct have NEVER been substantiated. Yet when Mark Williams of the Tea Party Express wrote a satirical letter pretending to be the NAACP writing Lincoln about abolition, a very idiotic and senseless work of trash, he and his faction were immediately banned from the Tea Party – to the extent there is central authority to do so in the Tea Party.

This week a story broke that showed there was an active conspiracy among journalists who setup a website that orchestrated pro-Obama coverage seeking to quash the Jeremiah Wright issue and brand any Obama critics as racist.

The extent to which left wing sources are lashing out with charges of racism establishing in essence any objection to Obama, his policies or positions, are racially motivated simply because he is the first African American president has clearly become such a widely used tactic it amounts to the boy crying wolf or screaming “Fire” in a movie theater.

The whole issue of racial divisions and real problems are being trivialized. Once a sure fire way to demonize an opponent and do irreparable, identifying a person as racist now has become a new version the old “Do you still beat your wife?” intimidation. It becomes difficult for responsible public figures to advance their agendas and policies when they must answer to charges of racism regardless how false and scathing they are. Knowing how quickly the race card stirs up emotions, the left is well aware of this and uses it as yet another hateful tool in their arsenal of dirty tricks and filthy tactics as their methodology supports that their ends justify whatever means they can generate to get the desired result. Fundamental human decency, civility, and the truth quickly become casualties to power hungry corrupt political operatives who use Saul Alinksky’s Rules for Radicals as the framework for their operation.

Clearly, the notion circulated as Barack Obama rose to power as being a “post racial” person is a classic Orwellian big lie, but it’s clear how much this mythology helped bolster his campaign and sell his appeal to the gullible media drenched public. The Obama presidency now halfway through its second year has proven to be one of the most openly divisive mean-spirited and hateful administrations, perhaps the worst in American history, and surely in modern essentially free nations throughout the world since World War II. The Obama administration, the kingpins of the legislative branch, and much of the mainstream media is quick to use any means to demonize those who don’t accept their politics, values, and rhetoric faithfully and unquestioningly.

The affairs of the last few weeks has added tremendous fuel to the opportunistic left’s efforts to further divide the country into victim groups using identity politics to attempt to sucker in converts to their cause. Meanwhile, commentators, news sources like Fox News, Brietbart, Matt Drudge, corporate executives, or anyone who can be classified at the hateful rich continue to be painted as the villains responsible for everything wrong with the country as if all companies were as irresponsible as BP. Wall Street is used as a label to describe the enemy in their warped frame of mind. Never mind that they have plenty of corrupt businesses that they kowtow to for a stream of incoming funds.

Against these issues and the current political and mass media landscape, it’s time for people guided by principle to stand up and assert themselves. Whether people in influential positions speak up in proper public forums or regular citizens step forward in Town Hall meetings, local municipal functions, or just conversations with friends and family, all of us who appreciate how badly the very foundation of our culture are threatened, must speak out. We must understand the promise of the Declaration of Independence and how our laws and government are built upon the foundation of The Constitution. We must attack media outlets that mislead us and lie about the affairs of state. Do not watch network or local news that demagogues the issues. Cancel subscriptions to biased newspapers and magazines. Refuse to purchase products from corporations that engage in crony capitalism or function in unlawful and unethical way as against the public good.

We cannot let race divide us. We’re all just people. That a person is of a different race should matter no more than their hair color, height, or any other innate visual quality. Contrary to what the Obama radicals believe, at heart, at the essential level all Americans are far more alike than they are different and most will do the right thing if properly educated and motivated.

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