Friday, July 23, 2010

One Year Ago...

On August 22, 2009, America learned once and for all any talk of Barack Obama representing any kind of post racial thinking was akin to the Orwellian big lie when he was questioned about Harvard Professor, Henry Gates, an Obama associate, being arrested by highly esteemed Cambridge, Massachusetts police officer, James Crowley for creating an ultrication when Crowley was sent to the Gates' residence to investigate a possible breakin. Obama indicated that the "Cambridge Police acted stupidly." He then lectured the reporters on why blacks don't trust white cops. Quickly as the truth became known showing how out of line Obama's remarks were, a "beer summit" was arranged in the White House garden where the two parties would have a beer with the President to kiss and make up, a tailor made photo op if there ever was one.
The episode provided the first direct evidence to many Americans what Obama's racial thinking was all about and confirmed that which more astute observers had felt at least since the Jeremiah Wright scandal exploded in the 2008 campaign. Since then, a series of events including the necessity to fire Green Jobs Csar, Van Jones, the dismissal of the election harassment charges against New Black Panthers who intimidated voters at a Philadelphia poll, supporting contentions about trumped up racist charges against the Tea Party and more not only revealed Obama is far from post racial but could in fact actively promote reverse racism.
The Cambridge Police saga also gave America a look at Obama's character revealing him as a meanspirited, petty, and narrow minded figure quick to give into stereotypes and rash judgments in stark contrast to the image of how brilliantly deliberative and intellectual he was supposed to be.
As bad as things looked one year ago, could we have imagined Obama would be seen with such contempt for his misdoings a year later. Those of us who tracked him since his initial Senate run might see it as a revelation of what he's always been all about. For others, many feel duped that they have been purposely misled and deceived by a two-faced politician and an all-too sympathetic press.

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