Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Topsy-Turvy Justice on Illegal Aliens

Michael Nutter: Philadelphia's aptly named Mayor.
In the topsy-turvy world of political correctness, identity politics, and where it is racist to state the facts of identifying illegal aliens, as just that, here’s an example of just how perverse the issue has become.

One would think those who interfere with the enforcement of Federal law or withhold vital information from Federal law enforcement officials would be prosecuted for obstructing justice. Where sanctuary cities flourish, we look at Philadelphia where Mayor Michael Nutter seeks to void a contract allowing immigration authorities to view Philadelphia arrest records. Hence, Philadelphia will soon join an alarming number of cities who purposely harbor fugitives from justice from an enforcement agency whose efforts are lackadaisical to begin with.

We salute an enterprising young reporter in the White House Press Corp who asked the Obama Press Doofus, Robert Gibbs, “If Arizona’s illegal immigration law is unconstitutional, as claimed by the DOJ and Pres. Obama, why are sanctuary cities across the country which are in clear violation of federal law, not being targeted by the federal government?”

Watching the designated doofus stumble over not answering the question was a sight to behold. Folks need to see this dork in action to see how the administration talks down to the public even if that public is the White House Press Corps.


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